Sofia Levin

Sofia Levin

Born and raised in Australia’s culinary capital, Melburnian Sofia Levin is a journalist and presenter who celebrates cultural diversity through food. Driven by insatiable curiosity, you’re more likely to find her munching insects on the side of the road than following in the footsteps of Nigella.

For fifteen years, Sofia has contributed her writing and reviews to esteemed publications such as Good Food, SBS Food, Domain Review, National Geographic Traveller, The Guardian, delicious., Gourmet Traveller, Broadsheet, Time Out and various in-flight magazines, as well as writing the entire Lonely Planet Guide for Melbourne. In 2020, she launched Seasoned Traveller, a website and newsletter dedicated to sharing lesser-known food stories from around the globe.

Sofia's infectious enthusiasm, adventurous spirit, and natural on-screen presence have not only resulted in collaborations with renowned brands like Visit Victoria, Intrepid Travel and Lonely Planet, they have also cultivated a fiercely loyal following on social media.

From hosting events, moderating panels and judging national food competitions, to providing expert insights on television (featuring on The Cook Up and My Market Kitchen) and lending her voice as a food reviewer on Melbourne’s 3AW radio station, Sofia’s CV is just as diverse as her passport stamps.

Sofia's mission is to use food as a medium for connecting with others, fostering a more tolerant and delectable world in the process. With her #EatCuriously movement she encourages individuals to eat outside their comfort zones to better understand both themselves and others through the universal language of food.

In 2024, Sofia takes her #EatCuriously message to the masses in her role as a judge on MasterChef Australia, the nation’s favourite cooking show celebrating culture, creativity and cuisine.