'You Can't Even Cover That In A Week': MasterChef Celebrates The Food And Produce Of Victoria

Kishwar Chowdhury and Elise Pulbrook reflect on this week's celebration of Victoria.

Thrilled to be out of the kitchen for a week, the MasterChef contestants have been revelling in the best that Victoria has to offer.

From the Victorian capital of the Southern Rock Lobster to Alla Wolf-Tasker's Dairy Flat Farm in Daylesford, the contestants are spending the week celebrating the breadth of seasonal produce that Victoria proudly boasts.

Having spent their whole lives in Victoria, Kishwar and Elise spoke to 10 play about what it was like being able to show off their home state to the other contestants.

"I think at this stage probably three or four of us were from Victoria and all the interstate contestants were quite bowled over, they were quite amazed," Kishwar said.

"Being from Victoria we are just so lucky. I don't think there's ever been a week that's focused on going around Victoria before on MasterChef but... there are so many incredible places to eat and incredible produce. It's such a beautiful, fertile place."

While many might immediately think of Melbourne's coffee culture and hidden laneways boasting brilliant restaurants, this week was also a celebration of more regional areas that also offer incredible seafood and fresh produce on top of the award-winning restaurants and cafe scenes.

"There's just so much to offer in Melbourne, and outside there's so much else, you can't even cover that in a week," Kishwar added.

"You can't have a gastronomic city [like] Melbourne without a great gastronomic state," Elise agreed.

When the judges explained the theme of the week, Elise said her mind began racing with the many different places the contestants could be travelling to. From the Yarra Valley to Gippsland.

"The options were endless. We've got great open landscapes, we've got great coastlines. Victoria is a beautiful gastronomic state beyond just the city!"

Kishwar added, "We’re so used to having these markets with fresh produce and we’re really spoiled in Victoria.

"It was the interstate contestants that made me realise how lucky we are here, and they absolutely loved it."

With Victoria once again battered by another lockdown, the week seems to have come at the perfect time, celebrating the state for its beauty and rich culinary range.

Elise also reflected on the way in which the lockdowns have allowed Victorians to reflect on where they're sourcing a lot of their food from.

"With the closures of borders globally and between states, you notice the prices of things change and you start thinking okay, where is my food coming from?"

"Showing off Victoria over the week," Kishwar said, "that was a really, really fun experience.

"There’s just so much to do across Melbourne and it all comes with really, really great places to eat."

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