‘Worst Possible Scenario’: Kishwar Chowdhury’s Injury Risks Her Shot At A Massive Immunity

In one of the most high-paced challenges we’ve seen in the MasterChef kitchen, one slip saw Kishwar struggle to keep up.

Curtis Stone was back in the MasterChef kitchen, beaming in on the big screen, with a massive challenge for Kishwar, Linda, Tommy and Sabina. The four would need to keep up with Curtis as he prepared his roast chicken with fondant potatoes and marsala sauce, with the dish closest to resembling Curtis’, granting the winner immunity from a massive double elimination later this week.

The winner of the challenge would also score themselves a huge gift card from Coles worth $10,000 in groceries, so the contestants definitely knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

This challenge was also the first immunity cook Sabina had been in, so she was determined to take out her very first “one and done”.

With no recipe, the contestants had to follow Curtis through every step, even falling slightly behind would be a huge mistake, as they’d only have ten seconds after Curtis finished his dish to plate their own version.

As the challenge kicked off, Sabina seemed to be hot on Curtis’ footsteps, swimming through each step with an iron-clad focus.

Tommy and Linda stumbled early in the cook and started to fall behind, thankfully the contestants and judges watching on from the gantry could shout out helpful tips along the way.

But it was Kishwar, with a solid pace at the beginning of the challenge, who fell behind when she cut her finger while slicing mushrooms for her sauce.

While a medic took care of the cut, Kishwar had no choice but to try and watch what Curtis was doing from the sidelines in the hopes that she could catch up when she was patched up and ready to get back into the challenge.

The longer she was away from her station, the further immunity was from her grasp.

Finally rejoining the challenge, Kishwar had very little time to catch up before Curtis started plating up. Despite the delay, Kishwar managed to plate up a strikingly close replica of Curtis’ dish.

But it was Sabina whose laser focus didn’t let her down, serving the judges a near-perfect version of Curtis’ dish, and scoring her not only her first immunity but also the $10,000 worth of groceries from Coles.

It also means Sabina is safe from the double-elimination the rest of the contestants are heading into and is the first contestant to make it to this year’s Top 8!

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