Why We Love Maggie Beer

The queen of home cooks Maggie Beer makes a joyful return to the MasterChef kitchen. Before she turns the competition on its head with her mega twist, we remember all the reasons we adore this Australian culinary legend

She’s a self-taught cook

It’s true: Maggie began her culinary journey as a pheasant farmer in her beloved Barossa Valley, honing her cooking skills via a ‘trial and error’ approach rather than any formal training.

She’s a successful entrepreneur

Australia’s most loved foodie became the first person in the world to commercially produce verjuice when her brand hit shelves in the mid-1990’s. Her delicious range, which now includes wine, jam and ice cream, has helped make Maggie the household name she is today.

Miguel and Maggie

She keeps things local

The food author, restaurateur and food manufacturer is a huge advocate for cooking with healthy, locally grown ingredients. She explained her approach before her appearance on last year’s season of MasterChef, saying, “It’s how I've cooked all my life. The 40-something years I've been here in the Barossa all I've done is relate to the season, live the rhythm of the season. I know no other way.”

And finally… She loves MasterChef!

Maggie returns for her sixth appearance on the show and no doubt she’ll bring her trademark warmth, enthusiasm and encouragement this season as well.

MasterChef Maggie Beer

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