Where does all the food go

Ronni Kahn from OzHarvest explains what happens to MasterChef's excess food.

Ever wondered where all the leftover food from MasterChef Australia goes? Far from being thrown in the bin, excess food not used by contestants or celebrity chefs to create their mouth-watering masterpieces is shared among countless homeless people and those in need.

Not-for-profit food charity, OzHarvest, ensures MasterChef’s excess food is put to the best use possible.

“We collect the food and within half an hour it’s straight onto the table of a food program or an organisation which has a food program, who feeds it their clients and recipients,” says Ronni Kahn, founding director of OzHarvest, explaining what happens to the leftover food from the MasterChef kitchen once the OzHarvest vans come to pick it up.

Ronni (pictured above) started OzHarvest six years ago, spurred on by all the leftover food she was seeing at functions and parties she organised while running an event production company.

“I reached a point where I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to create and build a link between leftover food and people in need,” explains Ronni.

That wasn’t as easy as it sounds, with OzHarvest working to have laws amended so the food could be distributed, which has now happened in NSW, ACT , SA and Qld. In Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and Canberra (OzHarvest will also kick off in Adelaide soon), the organisation works with food donors like MasterChef and some of Australia’s top restaurants to deliver excess food to various charities, who then give it to people in need.

The way OzHarvest is growing is “so exciting,” says Ronni, who was named Australia's Local Hero 2010 as part of the Australian of the Year Awards in recognition of her efforts. Ronni says the honour was great because it let so many more people know about OzHarvest and left her feeling “humbled and very proud.”

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