Where Are They Now: Poh Ling Yeow

From painter to pastry chef, find out what Poh has been up to since MasterChef

It's hard to forget the ever-smiley Poh Ling Yeow from season one of MasterChef. After taking out second place in 2009, the professional artist assumed she'd simply return to her quiet life in Adelaide, and possibly make some jam for a fruit shop. Clearly, life had other things in store for Poh.

The ABC TV series, Poh's Kitchen, aired in February 2010, earning her a Logie nod for Most Popular New Female Talent. Two successful cook books followed (her third is on the way), along with a new series on SBS, Poh & Co. in 2015.

Although she became known for her South-East Asian cuisine on MasterChef, Poh admits that her heart has always led her back to baking sweet treats and pastries.

"I think you're always popular when you make sweets," she laughs.

Her passion project, Jamface by Poh, a cake and pastry stall, opened at the Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market in 2014. Everything on offer is made from scratch, giving it an authentic, home-made feel.

"There's nothing pretentious about it," she says.

Poh credits MasterChef with teaching her the value of staying true to yourself, doing what you love and working hard.

"It armed me with a confidence I definitely did not have prior to going on the show."

Discover Poh and Jamface online:

Poh's Kitchen