Where Are They Now: Philip Vakos

Season Two's Philip talks about his newest restaurant venture, Bahari

Almost seven years on from his MasterChef experience, ex-contestant Philip Vakos has successfully launched two restaurants, including his latest venue, Bahari.

Bahari, as Philip explains, "is all about 'gringlish' food" - fusion between Greek and English cuisines. As well as an ever-changing menu full of innovative complex flavours, Philip envisioned Bahari as a "small intimate space". Rather than a traditional restaurant experience, he wants diners to feel like they're visiting a friend's house for dinner.

Located in Melbourne's Richmond, Bahari also offers cooking classes, take-home meals and event catering.

Before MasterChef, Philip worked as an auditor for an accounting firm.

"I'd look into the mirror and think to myself, is this really what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life?" he says of his previous occupation.

For Philip, MasterChef not only grew his love for food, but also strengthened his inner belief and self-confidence that helped him pursue his culinary dreams.

"MasterChef gives you the confidence to follow your dreams."

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