Where Are They Now: Dani Venn

'Wholehearted cook' Dani Venn talks about how MasterChef changed her life

Since appearing on MasterChef back in 2011, Dani Venn has never been busier. With a blog, a wellness retreat, and a food and communications agency all on the go, the former finalist has established her own wholesome food empire.

Showcasing "simple, fresh wholesome recipes using less processed ingredients", on her blog The Wholehearted Cook, Dani’s achieved that often elusive balance between healthy and indulgent. Think Strawberry Chia and Chocolate Parfait, and Paleo Pistachio and Cinnamon Chocolate Cookies.

Expanding on this ethos, Dani’s Wholehearted Wellness Retreat kicks off later this year, with a spa-like experience in Bali where food lovers can expect to indulge and enjoy everything from yoga and meditation, to healthy wholefood cooking classes with Dani herself.

Between planning retreats and crafting recipes, Dani has also launched Eat It Up Creative, a food and communications agency which aims to "empower hospitality."

While she always knew she wanted to work with food, it wasn't until her experience on MasterChef that Dani began to refine her culinary career vision.

"I feel now I've got this confidence that I probably wouldn't have had if I hadn't gone through MasterChef."

"It empowers people to learn more, to become more confident, to have a go, to take risks and to put yourself out there," she says of the show.

With an interest in healthy eating and building healthy communities, Dani is determined to bring about change in the food industry. "I feel like I'm at the point in my life where I can actually make a difference."

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