5 Things You Missed From Week Three

ICYMI - it was Nigella Week!

1. The Queen Of The Kitchen Returned!

Nigella Lawson surprised the contestants when they woke up to find the famous home cook in their kitchen ready to sift through their pantry, looking for Mystery Box ingredients. Understandably, they all freaked out were beside themselves with excitement, and we don't blame them!

2. A Team Relay Challenge

In the first team relay of the season, the contestants had to cook a dish worthy of impressing Nigella, and the pressure was on.

3. Nigella's Roast Chicken

Nigella Lawson brought a seemingly easy dish to the Pressure Test, but don’t be fooled by its ‘simple’ appearance. This difficult challenge had the contestants in a scramble, resulting in Monica being eliminated from the competition.

4. The Custard Challenge

Simon amazed the judges with his Japanese Set Custard which not only earned him the chance to cook against professional chef, Coskun Uysal in the Immunity Challenge, but George gave him his tweezers. Which, to an average person, doesn’t seem like much. But for Simon, it was a token of how much the judges loved his dish.

5. A Royal Team Challenge

Nothing beats a pantry full of food and shelves full of books – at least that’s what Nigella says.

This week, the judges took the contestants to the State Library of Victoria for their second team challenge. Their task was to create a three-course meal inspired by the most famous state dinners ever held in Victoria; either Edward the Prince of Wales’ visit, or the Queen's State visit.

Each team needed to make 40 dishes each, for 80 attending teachers. And one team made an unforgivable mistake that put them straight into an elimination challenge.

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