Urban Gardens

How to grow a little garden in the big city…

Petite patchGot enough space for a few small containers? You can grow eggplant, capsicum and chillies. Cut holes in the bottom of small pots, line with rocks and plant the seeds in potting mix.

Get insideIf you’ve got no outdoor space, just find the sunniest window (usually facing south). Here, you can grow mustard cress, radishes and short hybrid carrots. Just remember, indoor potted plants need to be fertilised more often than outdoor ones.

Herb-wiseYou don’t need much room to grow a few herbs. You can buy rosemary, basil, thyme, sage, coriander and basil plants, PLUS potting mix, PLUS pots for less than $80, but they’ll make your food taste delicious for months.

Bigger boxIf you’ve got room for a proper planter box, you can grow larger vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and corn. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight!

So vineVines require structural support, so use the beams of your balcony or fix a trellis to the wall in order to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and beans.

Group gardeningDo some research about whether there’s a community garden in your area. Not only can you rent a plot to fill with lovely fruit, vegetables and salad, but it’s also a perfect excuse for you to escape the city and make some foodie friends.

Stand upIf you can’t grow out, grow up! A vertical garden is a great way to fill useless outdoor space. Mount halved copper pipes on your walls and turn them into vegetable beds by filling with leaves like spinach and rocket.

Hang outHanging baskets look pretty (especially when filled with ripened strawberries!) and don’t take up any valuable space.