Three Ways With Rosemary

Rosemary and lamb go together like Master and Chef, but you don’t need to limit use of this traditional Mediterranean herb to Sunday roasts, it’s so much more versatile than that.


Remove the lower leaves from sprigs of rosemary and use them as skewers like Stephanie Alexander does in her recipe for Skewered Meatballs with Rosemary Flatbread, Carrot Salad and Spinach Yoghurt. Don’t restrict yourself to meat though, rosemary-skewered fish or chicken kebabs also make perfectly delicious food for sharing.


Dessert queen Ashleigh is clearly a fan of using this pungent herb for sweet dishes. You could make her winning Whisky Sour Trifle with Apricot and Rosemary recipe or you could just do the part where she roasts the apricots with honey, whisky and rosemary, dollop on vanilla-spiked double cream and call that dessert. Try poaching other fruits like apples or peaches in a rosemary-scented liquor and you’ll get equally good results.

Blue Cheese

It’s not the most obvious match, but blue cheese and rosemary make an excellent pair. If pasta’s your thing, follow Matthew’s recipe for Blue Cheese Tortellini with Figs and Rosemary where he infuses olive oil with rosemary and uses it to dress Milawa Blue cheese-stuffed tortellini . If you feel like a cheese platter with a dramatic difference, try Reynold’s Deconstructed Cheese Platter with Honey Rosemary Ice-cream. If deconstructing cheese is all a bit much, but you still want to experience this flavour match, simply serve a creamy blue cheese like Saint Agur with rosemary-flavoured crackers. Pair with a sticky dessert wine and a comfy couch by an open fire for a cosy night in.