'There's Nowhere To Hide With A Dish Like That': Christina Batista Eliminated During Tense Tart Pressure Test

Facing a Pressure Test set by Tarts Anon's Gareth Whitton, Christina pushed through plating up a near-perfect version of his smoked pecan and butterscotch tart.

As the judges sliced into Christina's tart, despite the flavours being all there, it was just slightly undercooked, ending her time in the MasterChef kitchen.

Deceptively simple when it was first revealed, Christina told 10 play she initially was relieved at the challenge ahead of her.

"At first I thought, oh okay! It's a tart, I can do that! I'm not big on cooking sweets generally but like, okay... it's a tart!"

Once the judges sliced into Gareth's dish, she saw the precision in the layers inside and realised it wasn't as simple as she first thought. "There's nowhere to hide with a dish like that, I was definitely nervous and thought, oh god, what have I gotten myself into?"

Having watched the two prior Pressure Tests from the safety of the gantry, Christina admitted she was "as Julie would say - bricking it", and though she started the cook strong, she began to slip behind the time.

The last to put her tart in the oven, Christina knew she would be cutting it fine to bake it perfectly, but all she could do was wait.

"I was tempted to turn the oven up but thought I don't want to burn it. You are second-guessing yourself it's just sitting there and there's nothing you can do while it's baking," she said.

"I was super nervous because there wasn't an opportunity to open up the tart, it's like any sort of baking and it's probably why I don't like to bake," she added, laughing.

"When you're cooking savoury food you can adjust the flavour... when you bake a cake or a tart you put it in the oven and then you don't know if it's cooked to your liking until it's cut open," Christina said. "Taking it up to the judges to taste, walking away and not knowing what the cook of it was, it was really nerve wracking.

"You just kind of go, fingers crossed! Hope it all goes well!"

Having pushed through quite an emotional cook, Christina admitted that when the judges revealed the top two tarts of the day belonged to Fans Dan and Matt, she wasn't surprised at all by the news that she would be leaving the kitchen.

"I had a feeling that it was going to be me," she said. "Seeing the other boys' tarts, I noticed mine had sunk in the middle a little bit... once I heard Matt and Dan had done a good job, I don't know, I just had this gut-feeling that it was going to be me.

"And I had already got all my crying out, so I didn't have to cry on my way out, I just cried the entire episode," she added, laughing. "I warned my entire family like, there's going to be a lot of crying and I am sorry!"

Though the bake on her tart wasn't up to scratch, some of Christina's most memorable moments back in the MasterChef kitchen saw her dishing up plates of food that wowed the judges, winning her one of the first immunity pins of the season early on and reinforcing her place in the kitchen.

"It meant that the food that I love, that I grew up eating, is good enough," Christina said. "I wasn't sure if my cooking skills would be up to par with everyone else's because every year the cooking just gets better and better, but it definitely confirmed that I'm still part of the MasterChef family and I deserved to be there."

Originally appearing in Season 5, Christina's relationship with food changed when she fell back in love with the Portuguese food she grew up eating. That, paired with a diagnosis of endometriosis, really changed the kind of food she wanted to spotlight.

"The first time I was all about indulgence and really rich food, this time around I was more focused on my heritage, doing a lot more Portuguese food," she explained. After her diagnosis, Christina also found that eating a cleaner, healthier diet also helped with flare ups.

"It was twofold for me, trying to create more healthy dishes but also incorporating my cultural background. I've spent the last few years thinking, my god why haven't I been eating like this my whole life?!

"I grew up eating Portuguese food but, like most children of migrants, you roll your eyes at the amazing food you grow up eating and all you want is to be like all the other kids at school and eat 'Australian' cuisine," Christina said.

"After being on the show, I got to travel a lot more to Portugal -- because MasterChef is huge in Portugal -- so I had a lot of opportunities to go back, travel and just taste the food there. I'm so lucky to have grown up eating it, why did I roll my eyes?"

Christina's Bacalhau à Bràs, a Portuguese classic of salted cod and crispy fried potato, won the judges over despite her admitting that it was a little more rustic-looking than some of the other dishes that day, and earned her the immunity pin.

"I definitely wanted to show more Portuguese food, that was my biggest regret, that I didn't get to do more of my food," she said.

Seeing the positive response highlighting Portuguese cuisine had while on the show, Christina is launching her own YouTube channel where she hopes to continue to highlight and educate on some of the dishes close to her heart.

"I just want to be able to teach people how to cook really delicious and nutritious food that is really easy and that anyone can do," she said, adding, "that passion has always been there, but the passion to share Portuguese food, and to teach people, has definitely been reinvigorated since being on the show."

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