The Hot and Cold, Yes And No Moments From MasterChef's Twists Week

There were twists and turns at every corner, and a surprise visit from INTERNATIONAL MEGASTAR and MasterChef theme song singer, Katy Perry. It was A LOT, and the stress was too much to handle at times.

Here are all the intense moments from the week that was.

**WARNING! Spoilers ahead**

Katy Perry MasterChef 2020

Hot Moments

MasterChef really upped the ante in Twists Week by dropping numerous bombshells on the unsuspecting contestants. But it's a competition, right? And what's a competition without a little spanner in the works?

First up was the Elimination Test in Episode 20, which required the contestants to whip up the ultimate takeaway dish. BUT the meal had to withstand a 20-minute delivery to Mel's house. There were many variables to consider - would they arrive hot? Full of flavour? Stored in sustainable packaging?

challenge masterchef

Episode 21 saw your regular service challenge - two teams, three courses - turned upside down when the cheeky judges decided to swap the teams around halfway through prep.


meme masterchef 2020


With under an hour on the clock, Mel informed the teams that ten of their diners were veggo - meaning they had to create an extra three meatless dishes with less than an hour on the clock. WHEW!

Chef Darren Purchese rocked up in Episode 22 with a Mango Passionfruit Pav so complex, you'd never find it at your local cake shop. With three hours to cook and about a million recipe pages long, the stress was high from the get-go. But even the most confident dessert makers like Reynold and Poh cracked under the pressure when the judges took away all their recipes in the final hour. THE CRUELTY!

recipes masterchef

The Mystery Box Challenge in Episode 23 had the judges dropping ingredient after ingredient on the contestants throughout their cook that they HAD to use, and in one of the hottest moments to ever come out of the MasterChef kitchen, Episode 24 saw the faaabulous Katy Perry rock up with the CUTEST baby bump and a big appetite for Hot N Cold food.

khanh masterchef

Cold Moments                                                                 

There is nothing colder than getting eliminated from a competition for a second time. Unfortunately for Chris, his Paneer Curry takeaway dish didn't blow Andy away. Jock admitted that it was "not bad, it's just not great", and Mel echoed these statements, wishing that it had a "little bit more complexity".

And in a moment that completely devastated MasterChef fans around the country, everyone's favourite ray of sunshine, Amina, who only days prior celebrated an Immunity Challenge win, completely unraveled over Darren’s Pavlova.

Yes Moments

We stan seeing women support other women, and our hearts warmed when Jess selflessly shared the quantities needed to make a mango mousse with Amina, after their recipes were taken away from them. YASSS! The ultimate MVP!

jess masterchef

Speaking of amazing women, Katy Perry’s arrival had us wide awake, yelling "YESSSS!" from the top of our lungs as she crashed the Immunity Challenge. She frequently broke out in song, called Jock "Daddy" (LOL), had Reece completely starstruck, and didn’t hold back from telling Reynold she doesn’t like white chocolate - all while he was making her a dessert featuring white choc.

Let’s be real, the smile didn’t leave our faces the entire time she graced our screens. If you missed it, catch up on the episode now!

No Moments                                                                                                                                     

To be expected, Twists Week came with a few fails. The Grey team's chestnut sauce with black garlic was their undoing, literally leaving a bad taste in the judges’ mouths and ultimately causing them to lose the service challenge.

amina masterchef

Later in the week, Amina and Poh’s mango mousses turned out to be complete flops and placed them in the bottom three. And the Poh-llercoaster didn’t stop there, with the hot favourite causing Katy to have a coughing fit from her spicy dish. D’oh!

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