The Decadent Apple Crumble Cake MasterChef’s Courtney Is Making In Self Isolation

Treat yourself to a spiced apple cake served with rich caramel sauce.

For a fruit whose image is synonymous with health and wellbeing, apples lend themselves exceptionally well to the world of desserts. There are many varieties of apples so you can find one suited to your purposes, be it the tart bite of a green Granny Smith for a pie, or the sweet fragrant flavour of a pink lady in a cake.

Those juicy red apples are the key to two-time MasterChef contestant Courtney Roulston’s apple crumble cake with burnt butter caramel.

They star twice in this decadent recipe; first two pink lady apples are grated into the cake batter to give body to the combination of creamed butter and sugar, eggs, ginger, lemon zest, salt, flour, nut meal, baking powder and buttermilk.

Two more apples are sliced finely on a mandolin (beware your fingertips) and layered over the top of the cake, brushed with butter and sugar and dusted with a hazelnut crumble mix.

If you’re thinking that this sounds delicious but decadent might be overselling it, it’s because we haven’t got to the sauce yet. More butter, sugar, cream and apple juice, with just a pinch of salt for balance.

Apple Crumble Cake With Burnt Butter Caramel. Image: Coles

It’s cooked into a glossy, sticky thick caramel sauce that you drizzle over the warm cake when it comes out of the oven, and then again when serving.

If you’re wanting to start at the beginning when it comes to fruit-based desserts, you could try mastering the perfect apple tart or a classic apple pie. Or for simpler thrills why not have a crack at your own apple fritters.

They are like the snack-based love child of a turnover and a cinnamon doughnut. You coat the apple rings in a batter made with ginger beer, flour and powdered ginger. Then deep fry until golden and crisp before tossing the fritters into cinnamon sugar.

Apple And Blue Cheese Pull Apart Scones. Image: Coles

Trying to stay healthy? There’s always Curtis Stone’s apple chips to keep your snacking in the green zone.

For the most comforting of winter desserts, you can’t beat an apple and blackberry cobbler (this one is made in the slow cooker for easy hands off preparation).

Apples even lend themselves to savoury dishes, like in an apple and sage stuffing for a roast chicken, or combined with blue cheese for pull apart scones.