Sugar and spice and all things sparkly

One Sydney cupcake baker is putting the shine back into sweet treats...

A shimmery start

Kathryn Sutton spent five years scoffing corn dogs and donuts in NYC before returning to Sydney to open a luxury cupcake store. When Sparkle first opened in 2008, Kathryn would bake through the night, wait for the cakes to cool, frost them, open and run the shop, clean up and grab an hour-long snooze before starting the process again.

Their flash philosophy Sparkle cupcakes are aimed at those who have a taste for decadence, but they don’t have an expensive price tag. Sparkle marketing manager Samantha Brady says: "It’s not just cupcakery; it’s a luxury brand." It comes as no surprise that they have bookings for kiddies parties, weddings and baby showers coming out of their ears!

Shiny secrets

Sparkle bakers prepare their cupcakes from scratch every day. Every ingredient is measured out and only premium products are used, from Madagascan vanilla to Belgian chocolate.

Tastebud twinkle

The Sparkle menu is enough to make anyone dribble. There’s sponge with a burst of salted caramel inside, a lavender and honey cupcake, and a green tea sponge containing tapioca bubbles that burst in your mouth. Samantha says: "You can get a chocolate or vanilla cupcake anywhere. These flavours are important, but there was a real market for something different. Each cake has its little quirk, like a gooey centre or chunks of fresh fruit."

Visit the Sparkle website.