Seasonal shoutout Apricots

Everything you need to know about these warm weather-loving stone fruit this Jan…

Handy historyThe apricot is thought to have originated in Armenia during ancient times, but about 50 varieties are still grown there today!

Stone grownThese fruits are particularly cultivated in South Australia, but also grow in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

Apri-boughtTouch and sniff the fruit before buying – choose ones with firm flesh and a delicate, sweet aroma.

Sweet storageApricots ripen at room temperature in one to four days, depending on the weather. Once ripe, you can keep them in the fridge for about two more days.

Clever cookingEnjoy these stone fruit raw or roast them to richen the flavour. You can also throw apricots into chutneys, cakes, casseroles and clafouti.

Juicy usesApricots have been historically used in medicine, fighting tumours as early as AD 502 and being used to treat swellings and ulcers in 17th century England! In 2005, Korean scientists claimed that amygdalin (found in apricot kernels) could be used to treat prostate cancer. Fruity factDid you know that the kernels of apricots can substitute almonds? Italian amaretto liqueur and amaretti biscuits are both flavoured with extracts from these seeds rather than almonds themselves.

Also in season in January: Eggplant, Atlantic salmon, mint, blackberries, lettuce, blue cheese and zucchini flowers.