'One Wrong Move': Steph Griffen's Time In The MasterChef Kitchen Comes To An End

Tuesday night saw the return of a favourite challenge where five contestants had to keep up with a pro chef.

With Jamie Oliver in the MasterChef kitchen, who better to put our five contestants through their paces than the man himself?

Jamie revealed that the contestants would be recreating a dish that had been on the menu of his dad's pub for 15 years, "Trevor's Chicken". Steph, Lily, Josh, Sumeet, and Steve had to keep up with Jamie as he made the dish, with only 15 seconds to get their version on the plate after Jamie had finished cooking.

Having just survived the first all-in elimination challenge, Steph told 10 Play that she was feeling a lot more vulnerable in the keep-up challenge.

"[In] the first elimination, there were so many of us and I felt super confident. I knew it wasn't going to be me. I felt it in my gut," she said. "But this one, I was feeling very uneasy and super overwhelmed.

"I think those nerves got the better of me, I was too much in my head," Steph added.

Trevor's Chicken is a 'chicken wellington', a breast stuffed with mushroom duxelles and wrapped in pre-made puff pastry, plated alongside seasonal vegetables and a celeriac potato mash.

"Part of me was like, okay this is good and it's Jamie Oliver - he's relatable to home cooks so it's not going to be something hectic," Steph said. "But also, how fast is he going to go? Am I going to be able to keep up?"

In a dish so deceptively simple, there wasn't anywhere to hide when it came to the finished dishes. "It makes it a bit more embarrassing if you do screw up," Steph added.

"During the cook, I made one wrong move and I knew then I was screwed," she continued. I was almost like, why even bother to continue?"

As Jamie was about to explain what to do with the breast tenderloin, Steph casually removed the small flap just as Jamie began to tell the group how important it was to keep it intact.

The small error meant that, when it came time to stuff her chicken with the mushroom duxelles, Steph had to improvise and hope that she wasn't underfilling the chicken.

But as the cook went along, in the final minutes of the challenge, Steph admitted that she was proud of her progress. "I was happy with how it looked and how it tasted. It was just a very overwhelming process, the adrenaline of it all. [The dish] was bloody amazing," she laughed. "I would even make it again but it's a bit triggering.

"At the end of the day, it could come down to how dirty your apron was," Steph said.

Unfortunately, lacking an even filling of the duxelles meant that her chicken had overcooked and was dryer than Jamie's, and the pastry wasn't as browned.

As the judges revealed her fate, Steph accepted her fate but still felt like she had so much more to give in the competition.

"I was practising a whole lot of new elements and new techniques and I really wanted to surprise myself with some of those," she explained.

"You watch MasterChef and you see people going so far, whipping up dishes they never thought of making. I really wanted that moment and I knew I was capable of it.

"I was waiting for my big moment, and it never came."

But, since leaving the competition, Steph has continued to build on her food dream and has since moved from Brisbane to Melbourne, making homemade pasta in a Sardinian restaurant, working on their social media and promoting events as well as launching her own business soon.

"It's basically a hospitality headquarters for owners in the industry, connecting them with people who specialise in hospitality whether it be in marketing, PR, website development, menu design," she explained.

"I've dreamt of doing something like this for many years now so it's given me that jumping block to be able to get started."

MasterChef Australia continues Sunday - Wednesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play