‘One To Win’: MasterChef Reveals Biggest Advantage Of Any Season

Big risks reap the biggest reward as a massive twist rocks the MasterChef kitchen.

On Wednesday night, the Top 24 entered the MasterChef kitchen for their very first challenge.

A Mystery Box set by the winner of Back to Win Emelia Jackson would put our newest recruits to the test as they had just 75 minutes to create their dishes.

Famous for her choux pastry and perfect patisseries, Emelia's Mystery Box included cherries, saltbush, silverbeet, dark chocolate, potatoes, pistachios, Szechuan pepper, quail and barramundi.

But the ingredients were just the beginning, as the contestants soon found out that this challenge was possibly the most important challenge they could win -- outside of the finale - in the competition this year.

Revealing that there was not one but three Immunity Pins up for grabs, Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo explained that these would be the ONLY pins handed out the entire season.

"Today's challenge is the only time that you can win one," Mel explained. "These are the only pins in play this season."

But wait, there's more.

"This year we've decided to pimp up the power of the pin," Jock added.

"If you win this pin, you can play it at any point during an elimination cook. From the minute we start the clock to the very last second."

In past seasons, Immunity Pins were only allowed to be played before the challenge had begun, meaning that if you decided to risk it and attempt an elimination cook while wearing a pin - if your dish wasn't up to scratch you'd be sent home with the pin still on your apron.

In last season's Back to Win, Dani Venn won the only Immunity Pin of that season but also walked away while still wearing it after a gamble didn't pay off. When she made the decision to compete in an elimination round there was no turning back.

This year, winning a pin gives you the upper hand to escape an elimination at any point.

"If your cook isn't going too well, you find yourself in the weeds, you can play the pin, tap out, get yourself up to the gantry. You're safe," Jock explained.

With so much riding on the challenge, the contestants were all-in to impress, vying for one of the three most powerful pins in MasterChef Australia history.

So who won the only three Immunity Pins of the season?

Wynona, Elise, and Therese stunned the judges with their incredible mystery box creations.

After her show-stopping audition dish, Therese was anxious to prove to the judges she wasn't a "one-trick pony", and set out to create a dish that showed off her talents in desserts.

Her pistachio sablé, pistachio sponge and macerated cherries were paired with a chocolate Szechuan ice cream that had Emelia, Mel, and Andy fighting for leftovers.

Wynona's ice cream was also praised by the judges with ice cream-obsessed Andy calling it "textbook perfect", and Elise's risk of remaking her smoked ricotta paid off with every element on her plate smacking of flavour.

As Elise, Therese, and Wynona received their Immunity Pins, they also found out one more benefit to their exceptional first cooks in the kitchen: immunity from the very first elimination of the season.

If this is what our Top 24 are plating up in the very first challenge, we can't wait to see where this season is going next.

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