'Nothing Bittersweet About It': Aldo Ortado Leaves The MasterChef Kitchen A Winner

On Sunday night, MasterChef fans were heartbroken to see Aldo and Billie facing off in an elimination.

With Julie playing the final Immunity Pin of the season during the second round, it was down to Billie and Aldo as viewers were distraught knowing one of two favourites would be leaving the kitchen.

His cucumber salad with spanner crab was praised by the judges, having stepped out of his comfort zone and delivering something totally unexpected. But for Aldo, leaving the competition on a high note was the best possible scenario.

"It's actually one of the best ways to go out," he told 10 play following his elimination. "There's nothing bittersweet about it... competing against a winner, Billie, she's amazing. When she's under pressure she seriously shines more than a diamond.

"I'm happy that I cooked a good dish, they loved it and that's what makes me happy... I was ready to go," he continued. "By the beginning of the second round, I said that's fine, as far as I'm going to go out on a good dish and the judges are going to love it, I'm fine with that."

Getting to the pointy end of the competition, the remaining chefs have solidified such strong bonds that it was heartbreaking to watch Julie play her Immunity Pin knowing it would save her, and put one of her fellow chefs at risk.

"I was happy for Julie to play her pin," Aldo admitted. "I would have hated if she never played [it], " he added. Despite it knocking him out of the competition, Aldo was far more willing to see Julie do what she needed to do to stay in the competition rather than sacrifice herself for friendships.

"It is true it is a competition... there's a friendship involved but now you're cooking to save yourself, you gotta do what's right for you" he said.

And though his time in the competition has ended, Aldo said he would never trade the relationships he's left the kitchen with for the prize.

"It was a great experience but the things that went above and beyond wasn't the show, it was the connections I've got with people like Mindy and Sarah," he explained.

"It was a real thing, it wasn't put on for the show... we just connected deep down, we shared our experience of a lifetime and I would never give up these for the prize of the show."

Fighting back tears thinking about his MasterChef family, Aldo also spoke about how emotional he would get while speaking about the dishes he served to the judges throughout the competition.

Often, when he was serving dishes that were from his past, Aldo would tear up in front of the judges explaining the happy memories his dishes had evoked. A combination of the competition and homesickness, Aldo said the heightened emotions of being back in the MasterChef kitchen made him want to embrace and show the food that took him back to his younger years.

"The thing I did want to show this time around, I needed to give justice to who I am and my culture. That was my goal.

"So, if last night was my time, it was my time. I showed what I wanted and I was happy!"

Though emotions ran high during the season, Aldo laughed and admitted that watching his final episode from home, it was his husband that was crying on the couch next to him.

"I was fine! I just watched another episode of MasterChef," he joked. "My husband was crying because of the way I spoke and everybody spoke about [me] but I was so fine! I leave that moment so gracefully, I wasn't upset."

Having left the competition Aldo now turns his focus to his first cookbook, which he promises will be a celebration and "full guide to all of Southern Italy".

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