'Not The Ideal Situation': Katrina Dunnett The Third Cook Eliminated From The MasterChef Kitchen

In the third elimination of the season, Katrina Dunnett farewelled the MasterChef kitchen following two challenges she couldn't taste.

Following the season's first team challenge, Katrina, along with her grey teammates Dan, Linda, Aaron, Pete, Therese and Tom, would all be fighting for their spot in the competition.

Faced with two rounds set by none other than award-winning chef Massimo Bottura, the cooks first had to make their version of macaroni and cheese. If theirs was one of the four dishes to least impress the judges, the cooks would head into the second round where Massimo demanded a dish based around bread.

"I was feeling a little bit nervous," Katrina told 10 play following her elimination. "I have coeliac disease so I don't actually eat gluten... which is pasta and bread.

"It's not exactly the ideal situation for me," she said, laughing. "Nothing like a good challenge! In a way, it's a bit ironic that I went out on it."

Because of her coeliac disease, Katrina wasn't able to taste her dishes throughout the cook, something the judges are constantly reminding the contestants to do.

After tasting her bread and butter pudding with an orange twist, the judges questioned if her dessert was "bread forward" enough, resulting in her elimination.

"Even though I wasn't there for very long, you can't even begin to imagine how much you could learn in such a small space of time," Katrina said.

"I really learned a lot about what kind of cook I am, also areas that I can probably grow heaps that I just had never even thought about. I think getting to know the other contestants as well, everyone is so different in the way they cook and think about food, I feel really inspired to learn off everyone else."

Growing up on a berry farm, Katrina was surrounded by fresh produce her whole life which gave her an appreciation for the freshest ingredients and respecting where food comes from.

"One of the things I'm very aware of is my privilege to be able to eat the way I do, and also the access to the food that I do," Katrina said.

"I think about 3 million people are living in food insecurity in Australia. There's a huge, huge bit of work that we could do within our own country."

Through MasterChef, Katrina hoped to not only grow and learn more about her own relationship with food, but also work within the food education space.

"I hoped to raise awareness around access and availability for food within vulnerable communities," she explained.

Having left the MasterChef kitchen, Katrina is starting a new role with FareShare Australia, an organisation that works to reduce food waste, rescue and distribute food that would otherwise be wasted and instead feed vulnerable communities.

"I'm super, super excited," she said. "I'll also be working in their food education program, speaking to school groups as well as companies that come into the kitchen."

Follow Katrina on Instagram: @aunty_trina.

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