Can The Contestants Handle Nigella’s Roast Chicken?

Who knew cooking a chook could be so stressful?

Nigella Week is finally upon us and while every moment has been as magical and lovely as the lady herself, her Pressure Test is sure to have the contestants running around like headless chooks.

In the past, Nigella has set some incredible Pressure Tests, including her Chocolate Feast and her three course dinner of Crab and Avocado Salad, Roast Lamb Leg and Coffee Panna Cotta.

Nigella, who never fails to surprise us, reveals that the Pressure Test won’t be an extravagant multiple course dish, but instead it will hero her all-time favourite dish; the humble Roast Chicken.

The contestants will need to recreate Nigella’s signature Roast Chicken, taking it back to basics and delivering a bird that’s cooked to perfection - that means, bronze skin and juicy succulent meat that’s bound to have you watering at the mouth.

With Nigella’s recipe in hand, the contestants will be cooking as if it’s their last day on Earth (or in the MasterChef Kitchen).

But how can a Roast Chicken be tricky enough for a Pressure Test we hear you ask?

You’ll have to tune in to find out.

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