Michael Weldon's Time Gamble Pays Off Big With Immunity Win

On Thursday night, Michael gambled his time but the high risk reaped a high reward when his dish blew the judges away.

Competing for immunity from the upcoming elimination on Sunday night, the chefs were tasked with cooking whatever they wanted, but the ingredients list was slightly restricted.

With 60 minutes on the clock, the judges would reveal the first ingredient — apples — which every dish had to feature. Every three minutes after, they would reveal a new set of ingredients. The chefs could start cooking whenever they wanted, but they would only be able to use the ingredients that had been revealed up to that point.

For Michael and Julie, they risked almost half their time in the challenge, hoping for some ingredients that would inspire them. It was a huge risk, especially when other chefs had jumped at the second or third ingredient reveal giving them almost double the time to perfect their dishes.

Thankfully, the risk paid off and Michael and Julie were rewarded with scallops, plus the full range of ingredient that had been revealed throughout the challenge.

With just half an hour on the clock, Michael whipped up an apple and scallop ceviche and, while it may not have looked the most refined, the flavours were a clear winner.

“It’s not often I stand up here super happy about how something tastes,” Michael admitted before the judges sampled the dish, with Mel adding that they often love ‘ugly delicious’ plates of food.

“I absolutely loved it,” Jock said before jokingly adding, “It looked like a bag of… But it ate extraordinarily well.”

Guest chef Curtis Stone agreed adding that the flavours were perfectly balanced with the textures, with the judges agreeing that Michael had pulled off the dish of the day in barely any time at all.

Though he was one of the chefs that took the biggest risk, it obviously paid off for Michael who won immunity from Sunday’s elimination on top of the Immunity Pin he won the week prior.

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