Meet The New Contestants For MasterChef Australia Season 13

It’s the tastiest time of the year again with the brand-new season of MasterChef Australia sizzling closer to our screens.

This year, MasterChef boasts twenty-four fresh-faced contestants with a strong passion for cooking. So, we’ll be seeing some of the whackiest, tastiest and hardest dishes of all time, while getting to know more about the wonderful creators behind them.

Here’s everything we know about them so far.


Therese knows how to put on a show with just one plate of food. In the teaser that just dropped, we saw her unleash a mystical, smoky dessert which absolutely blew the judges away.

“It makes me so happy when I cook,” she said. “It just transports me to Willy Wonka’s Wonderland. When it comes to desserts, I am self-taught. I do weird and whacky desserts, that’s something that I love to do.”

She admits she’s only been experimenting with cooking for one year which is crazy, considering how insane her dessert looked.

We’re going to keep an eye on this one, because we can tell she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve.


Tradie by day, passionate food lover always, Brent is ready to share his love of rustic eats with the judges and hopes they’ll not only love him, but his homey flavour combinations too!

“I’m a tradie, but food is such a passion for me,” he said. “My cooking style – it’s rough. It’s a bit like my face -- really rustic and not refined at all.”

This boilermaker is 31 years old, married, and has a beautiful son who he’s entered the competition for.

Don’t be fooled by his tough appearance, because he seems like a softie at heart.

“I’ve already cried, like, six times. The fellas on the work site, if they see this – pfft gone.”


Kishwar has come on MasterChef with a little dream: to write a cookbook containing all the recipes that have been passed down to her.

“My ultimate food dream is to write a cookbook with Bangladeshi food and Bangladeshi flavours,” she said. “I come from a big family of cooks, the Bengali cuisine that I carry with me has been passed down from generation to generation. If I don’t do that, it’s going to end with me and I really want to pass that down.”

We look forward to seeing what she creates and expect a lot of love, passion and culture in Kishwar’s cooking.


Based off Conor’s teaser alone, we already know we’re going to love him.

“I am Conor, I am a young, Greek, gay boy with a mullet,” he said.

Conor may at times seem a little all over the place in the kitchen, but he has a very distinct cooking style that sounds delicious.

“My cooking is very Greek, with heaps of South East Asian ingredients which some people like to call fusion. I like to call it confusion, because I, myself don’t really know what’s going up on the plate half the time.”

He’s funny, down to earth and likes to do things on the fly. If his hairstyle is anything to go off, we can expect some quirky, wonderful things from him.


Minoli is a bad-ass who’s not afraid to give the competition everything she’s got. Her love for food runs deep and she’s definitely quite an overachiever.

“When I cook, I don’t want to be anywhere else. I just want to spend all the effort that I put into my career, into food. I want this so, so badly,” Minoli said.

In the teaser, she proved how much she's willing to risk it for the biscuit. Or in her case, an apron. All she needed to cook was one dish, but she decided to cook six, and they all look delicious.

“It’s definitely a risky move doing six dishes today, just one bad dish could cost me the apron so I have to nail every single one,” she said.

We can’t wait to see how it unfolds, will they all be perfect, or will one let her down?

Stay tuned for more insight into the MasterChef contestants as they’re revealed.