Meet Guest Chef Santiago Fernandez

From Spain, to Germany, to Mexico and Russia, Santiago Fernandez has now hit WA to challenge our contestants with an epic Pressure Test.

Q&A with Santiago

Why did you decide to be a part of MasterChef Australia this year and what does it mean to you?

Knowing the calibre of all the guest chefs that have been involved over the years on MasterChef Australia is for me a privilege and great honour to be part of this season.

What’s the best cooking advice you’ve received that you want the MasterChef contestants to know?

A dish is never finished because you followed all the steps and you used all the ingredients listed in the recipe. A dish will be finished when your heart and your brain tells you so. Use your senses, your intuition and love what you’re doing

Can you give us a taste of something you saw in the MasterChef kitchen this year that excited you?

As this was my first time in MasterChef the whole experience was unforgettable. I felt dazzled watching the work of the incredible team behind the scenes, the judges and the quality of the contestants.

What is your all-time favourite comfort food dish?

Since I live in Australia my comfort food dish is fish and chips, specially if has Whiting from Augusta and a good chippie.

What’s your go-to ice cream flavour?


Pineapple on pizza – agree or disagree?

Not for me, thanks.

What jumps out at you when you’re looking at menu at a restaurant?

I like it short and seasonal.

What was your favourite dish to eat as a kid and is there a dish that you make now that reminds you of this time?

I do have great memories eating Galician octopus. At Voyager Estate I’m cooking Western Australia octopus just as my grandmother taught me, with a clever and unique technique.

What ingredient or flavour do you love to cook and eat?

Anything seafood.

What’s your favourite dish to make at home on a lazy Sunday?

Spanish Paella on the barbie is a classic at home.

What dish or technique did you struggle with in the past and you’ve now mastered?

I never enjoyed tempering chocolate as could be quite time consuming, now I develop my tricks.

If you could go back in time and give yourself some advice as a young chef, what would it be?

Never cut corners.