MasterChef’s Superstar Week Is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

Superstar Week kicked off last night with Nigella Lawson, and there's plenty more talented guest guests to come.

For many seasons, the most talented and influential chefs from around the globe have travelled to the  land of Oz and inspired our MasterChef contestants and judges alike, changing the way people look at and cook food forever.

Last night the queen of desserts, Nigella Lawson, kicked off Superstar Week, where she guided the contestants through a 2-round Pressure Test which featured a classic MasterChef taste test.

The second round saw the bottom five battle it out by recreating one of Nigella's favourite desserts, a Toasted Marshmallow and Rhubarb Cake. You can catch up on all the delicious action right here on 10 play!

Tonight will see none other than Israeli-British chef, restaurateur and food writer Yotam Ottolenghi join from his very own kitchen in London. The remaining contestants will be divided into three teams and get only 60 minutes to whip up a three-course meal featuring a 'flavour bomb' chosen by Yotam himself. The fun part? Our guest chef will be cooking alongside the teams at the exact same time!

The team who score the lowest points will face off in an Elimination round on Tuesday, when the judges welcome the legendary Massimo Bottura, whose famous restaurant 'Osteria Francescana' has been voted the best in the WORLD.

Do you KNOW how good you have to be to own the best restaurant in the world?!

Massimo joins from his home in Modena, Italy, where he whips up his version of a classic mac and cheese. The contestants will then have 60 minutes to recreate their own version of mac and cheese, with the bottom four battling it out in Round 2 to avoid elimination.

Superstar chef Clare Smyth will buzz in live on Wednesday night from her three Michelin Star restaurant ‘Core by Clare Smyth’, in London, and will set a Mystery Box Challenge based on ingredients inspired by one of her renowned signature dishes.

The top 5 winners of the challenge will get a chance to win Immunity on Thursday, where they'll be joined by the ever-so-talented Heston Blumenthal!

Of course, any challenge set by Heston is going to be unforgettable. And, as the creator of the 'bacon and egg ice cream', Heston tasks the contestants with turning a breakfast ingredient into a dessert. If you think that isn't complicated enough, Heston adds an extra twist that really makes it a challenge. We can't wait to see what weird and whacky things come out of this episode!

The final day of Superstar Week will conclude the following Sunday, with local talent and MasterChef alumni Poh Ling Yeow, Callum Hann and Reynold Poernomo appearing in person, and setting an Elimination Challenge that requires the contestants to create a dish worthy of a place on the menu at either one of their restaurants. No pressure, guys!!

Superstar Week continues tonight - Thursday, and concludes  Sunday, May 3rd on 10 and 10 play on demand