MasterChef's Mac And Cheese Challenge Was Comfort Food Goals And Twitter Couldn't Handle It

This is your weekly reminder to never watch MasterChef Australia on an empty stomach.

As Superstar week continues, the MasterChef kitchen welcomed the incredible Massimo Bottura back for a challenge that had our mouths watering from the word 'go'.

The Michelin-star chef is famous across the globe for taking traditional Italian flavours and revolutionising them into artworks of nostalgia. Modern, visually impactful and always full of flavour, Massimo took the comfort food of Italian cuisine and brought it into the 21st century.

So it's no surprise that on Tuesday night, he challenged the MasterChef contestants to take the humble, delicious embrace of mac and cheese and turn it into something spectacular.

Showing off his own version of the dish, Massimo casually dropped his pasta into a pot of bubbling parmesan water. Move over bath bombs, from now on we're taking a dip with a full wheel of parmesan reggiano.

But it wasn't just our mouths watering as we watched Dan, Linda, Aaron, Katrina, Pete, Therese and Tom plate up their own indulgent versions of mac and cheese.

As per usual, the folks on Twitter were dishing out shade, cracking jokes and, best of all, truly drooling over the glory that is mac and cheese.

There were helpful suggestions:

A few solid realisations:

This cheesy flashback:

An instantly iconic cameo from Massimo's puppy:

Which was almost as much of a highlight as the carb-fest going on in the kitchen:

But most of all, just a whole lot of people demanding more Kraft cheese in the pantry:

If you'll excuse us, we have some two-minute noodles to heat up and eat over our sink.

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