MasterChef Family Update Ben Macdonald from MasterChef Australia Series 6

See what Ben Macdonald from series 6 is up to

Placing sixth in last year’s MasterChef, Kiwi Ben Macdonald now has a lot on his proverbial plate. Besides running cooking master-classes, organising private catering and acting as ambassador for the Snowdome Foundation, Ben has recently launched FlavourCrate – a ‘monthly food discovery service for foodies.’

For around $50 a month subscribers will receive a monthly food care package, containing snacks, condiments, ingredients, plus a recipe and information on where the food came from.

The idea came from wanting to connect Aussie foodies with Aussie producers.

“While researching what to do after MasterChef was over I found all of these amazing producers all over Australia,” Ben says. “Almost everything I looked at someone was doing – and doing well – but their products were just not available.”

FlavourCrate sources food and snacks from companies and producers like Yarra Valley Tea Co., Angelo’s Pasta, Suncoast Limes and many more. These products are often found in local markets but rarely on supermarket shelves.

Ben grew up seeing the connection between plate and produce. “Whether it was collecting shellfish on the beach, catching snapper from the boat, shooting rabbits or helping my grandfather butcher lambs and ducks on his farm, I couldn’t get enough of it,” he says. “Sourcing the finest possible ingredients was simply a way of life.”

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