‘World Class Food’ – The MasterChef Contestants Step Out To Capture Bustling Melbourne

A playful mystery box sees our contestants explore Melbourne CBD and create some epic food - the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra captures it all.

Welcome to Melbourne – as Mel puts it, a city with some of the “best coffee and bars in the country, and world-class food.

In this closer look of the episode, we talk all things mystery box challenge – the highs, the lows, and how the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra captured it all.

We begin on top of the world at the Langham rooftop in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. When the lid comes off the ever-intriguing mystery box – it’s not what contestants expect, in fact – there are no ingredients at all… it’s the brand-spanking new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

This conceptual mystery box challenge tasked contestants with capturing their favourite parts of the city, whether that be historic goldrush-era architecture, cobblestone laneways, or vibrant street art. They grab their maps and hit the city, soaking up the unique urban culture of Melbourne CBD. With a 108MP camera and 8K video recording, contestants were able to capture the highest quality images and videos, with a smartphone that fit in their back pocket.

Tommy and Depinder head straight to Hosier Lane and Delgraves Street, whilst Kishwar returns to her favourite Melbourne spot – the National Gallery of Victoria. Night Mode allows her to capture crisp detail and water droplets even in dim lighting – with reflections and rainbows in an artistic composition. The image reminds Kishwar of precious memories and family time spent at the gallery with their hands up against the water wall. Rainbow pickled vegetables and a red ‘angry sauce’ later brings it to life on the plate.

Using Space Zoom, Elise could capture the intricate textures and colours from far away, of cactus plants in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Elise dedicates her cook to late friend Bianca who loved cacti - a turmeric snapper and Thai basil dish, captured with love.

Pete and Scott get artsy, loving the conceptual nature of the challenge. Pete snaps the geometrical shapes and minimalist styles of Federation Square, whilst Scott gets ambitious with a monochromatic interpretation of Flinders Lane coffee shops. His dish celebrates the classic combination of blackberries and coffee.

Some contestants are drawn straight to the street art - Maja takes on some crunchy, tasty jalapeno poppers with a zesty ketchup, whilst Tommy sticks to street food - fried shallots, rice cakes and mung beans to keep the judges wanting more.

Brent throws himself into what he knows best – ‘Hosier Lane Fried Chicken’ – with a crunch that “will be heard on the other side of the Yarra.” His golden, crispy chicken is inspired by the rustic beer kegs in Hosier Lane, where he loves to sit with mates and enjoy a cold can. Judges question though, will it be enough to make top four?

Aaron paves his way to success with a ‘pavement inspired’ porcini mushroom and dark chocolate butter sponge cake – with coffee and baked honey olives. Meanwhile Minoli captures Melbourne’s unique ‘four seasons in one day’ – with a miso caramel ice cream, roasted white chocolate and two types of strawberries.

Given creative freedom and encouraged to explore - contestants cooked playfully. Some soar, and some stumble at the finish line.

It’s clear Melbourne is bursting at the seams with culture, colour, texture and flavour unlike any other capital city. The perfect weather and bold ideas were all brought to life through the lens of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – a day full of epic memories the contestants won’t forget, any time soon.

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