MasterChef Australia Welcomes Masters Into The Kitchen

Meet the Masters who'll be guiding the contestants through another week of Pressure Tests, Mystery Boxes and heart-stopping challenges.

This week, the MasterChef contestants will be joined by a handful of chefs who have spent their careers becoming experts in their chosen fields.

These Masters will introduce lessons to challenge the contestants and push them out of their comfort zones, as well as inspire them to hopefully find a culinary craft of their own that they'll one day master.

Throughout the week they'll be joined by pasta maestro Andreas Papadakis, the queen of chocolate Kirsten Tibballs, Michelin Star chef Masahiko Yomoda, the multi-award-winning Scott Pickett, and global superstar Curtis Stone.

Andreas Papadakis has over two decades worth of experience as a chef and is the executive chef and co-owner of the award-winning Tipo 00 and Osteria Ilaria.

At 15, he began working as a kitchenhand in Athens where he was born and raised and, within a year, was working alongside the chefs.

In 2014 he opened Tipo 00 in Melbourne alongside Luke Skidmore and Alberto Fava. In 2017 he and Luke opened Osteria Illaria next door. Known for their incredible house-made pasta, Andreas brings that effortless skill into the MasterChef kitchen.

Kirsten Tibballs is known as the Queen of Chocolate for a reason. The founder of Savour School, Kirsten's handmade chocolates have been recognised at the World Pastry Championships as the best in the world. She's won gold at the Pastry Olympics and has been a judge for competitions across the globe.

Kirsten is also a MasterChef Australia favourite, bringing in some of the most unforgettable challenges and surprises for contestants over the many seasons she has appeared. From a Mystery Box made out of chocolate to her iconic Trio of Fruits in Season 9.

Michelin Star chef and creative director of Melbourne's two-hatted Ishizuka restaurant, Masahiko Yomoda has travelled across France, Japan and now Australia perfecting his blend of European techniques and fine dining with Japanese-style cooking.

Hoping to make fine dining more accessible, Yomoda's Ishizuka offers Aussies a chance to experience the traditional Japanese kaiseki, a set menu of up to 11 courses that takes guests on a structured 'continually evolving' menu that follows the four seasons.

Chef Scott Pickett boasts a whopping 16 chef hats across his six restaurants. Having worked in some of the world's celebrated kitchens, with his passion for fresh produce and farm-to-table cooking, Scott opened his first restaurant in 2011 and in 2015 was nominated for Chef of the Year.

He's released two cookbooks, hosted The Hot Plate, and continues to launch restaurants and redefine fine dining in Australia.

Having trained under Macro Pierre White, Curtis Stone went on to become one of Australia's most celebrated celebrity chefs. He published a handful of cookbooks, hosted multiple TV shows, launched a cookware range and moved to the United States, where he's been living for the past 15 years.

In 2014 Curtis opened Maude. Named after his late grandmother, the menu has drawn inspiration from a single seasonal ingredient, to the great wine regions of the world. A few years later he opened Gwen, named for his other grandmother. A butcher shop and restaurant, Gwen is very meat-centric and has recently seen Curtis putting an expert touch on pies, puddings and tarts.

Catch these incredible masters all week as MasterChef Australia continues.

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