MasterChef Australia Season 13 Kicked Off Tonight, And Twitter Went Wild

Did you really watch MasterChef if you didn't tweet about it?!

Can you believe it's been a WHOLE YEAR since 24 of our past contestants came 'Back To Win'; battling it out for a second chance at the coveted MasterChef trophy and a whopping quarter of a mil?!

Neither can we, but we are super excited for a new season of watching in absolute awe as a bunch of talented home cooks whip up extraordinary food that we can only dream of making ourselves.

Clearly, these folks on Twitter shared our exact sentiments:

Mel continues to be the most perfect woman on telly right now:

These fans reminded us of Junior MasterChef fave, Ben, and naturally we started weeping over how much we miss seeing him on our screens:

Catch Ben's hilarious one-liners right here!


This person was so pumped for the show, they even made their own bingo cards! 10/10 for commitment.

We weren't lying about how good the talent was this year:

Everyone fell in LOVE with Tommy:

Osher Gunsberg, everybody!

The contestants reminding us all how we can't cook:

And quite possibly the most relatable tweet of the night goes to:

MasterChef Australia Continues 7.30 Tomorrow on 10 and 10 play on demand