MasterChef Australia Fans & Faves: The Best Tweets Of The Season

Ahead of Tuesday night's Grand Finale, relive the season through some of your best tweets!

Just two chefs remain in the battle to crown Australia's next MasterChef, with Sarah Todd and Billie McKay getting ready to face off in the Grand Finale.

But before one of them will hold that glorious MasterChef trophy above their head, we took a stroll back through some of our favourite tweets from this season.

It has been an emotional ride, with 12 Fans facing off against 12 of the MasterChef kitchen's Favourite returning contestants.

1. When the Favourites made their grand entrance:

2. And when fans at home saw their Faves walk back into the kitchen:

3. When there were legitimate questions about the undeniable fan favourite of all time:

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4. When the Faves got back into the swing of things:

5. When we all became armchair experts by Episode 3:

6. When Julie found her fashion doppelganger:

7. And when she continuously wowed audiences with her vulnerability:

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8. When Aldo was an inspiration and a ray of sunshine every single day:

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9. And when Michael brought nothing but good vibes to the kitchen:

10. When Keyma created a new seasoning:

11. But when she actually brought us all to tears and spoke about reigniting her passions during her time in the MasterChef kitchen:

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12. When kale became the most divisive dish since the white chocolate veloute:

13. When the OG MasterChef Julie Goodwin was eliminated for the very first time:

14. And when every single contestant basically said this during one challenge or another:

The MasterChef Australia Fans & Favourites Grand Finale airs Tuesday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand