MasterChef Australia 2021: This Season’s Biggest Mystery Finally Solved

Forget Pressure Tests and Immunity Pins, we needed more info on the yellow t-shirt.

It’s getting more use than a hibachi this season, but we’ve had absolutely no idea what the backstory is on the yellow t-shirt that has been worn by Conor, Dan and Tom throughout the competition.

It’s unmissable, mostly because the shirt is highlighter yellow with black stripes, making the boys look like adorable worker bees in aprons.

Following his elimination on Sunday night, 10 play caught up with Tom to ask the important question: who actually owns the t-shirt. And the truth will shock you…

“Okay… Dan and Conor both have one,” he said, laughing.

“Conor bought two of them. When they both were in an immunity cook in like week two or three, they wanted to wear it on the same day,” he explained.

Apparently, the powers that bee (see what we did there?) didn’t let them match on the day, so Conor and Dan took it in turns to wear their now-signature look.

“Then Dan was in immunity or something and I wore it for good luck because I felt like it was a lucky shirt,” Tom said, adding, “even though nothing good ever happened when we wore the shirts.”

Well, there’s still time for a bit more luck as both Conor and Tom head back into the MasterChef kitchen, battling for one of two spots back in the competition. Perhaps the mysterious powers of the shirt are still yet to be fully explored.

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