MasterChef Australia 2021: The Top 3 Revealed

Who will win MasterChef Australia 2021?

After many weeks of challenges, Mystery Boxes and Pressure Tests, just three contestants remain in this year’s competition, battling it out to become Australia’s next MasterChef.

Each of their journeys has been so vastly different, their styles of cuisine and food dreams each bringing a totally different flair to the kitchen, but what each of them have in common is how they’ve managed to impress the judges over the last few weeks.

As we get closer and closer to the moment one of these three finalists will be crowned this year’s MasterChef for 2021, let’s take a look at Kishwar, Justin and Pete’s journeys.

Kishwar Chowdhury

Entering the competition, Kishwar explained to the judges that it was her dream to share Bengali cuisine with Australia.

Since earning her apron, Kishwar has blown away the judges with her incredible ability to create depth of flavour and balance spice, even under time restrictions. From her rich, warm curries to simply utilising pink peppercorns to make a dish sing, Kishwar’s ability to pack a punch when it comes to complex flavour profiles has seen her sail through the competition.

But it’s her enormous heart that has made fans fall in love with Kishwar over the last few weeks, on top of the mouth-watering dishes she has served up to the judges.

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Memorable dishes:

Ruby chicken curry

Goat Rezala with Paratha

Quail with pink peppercorns and berries 

Pete Campbell

The king of conceptual dishes, Pete may be soft-spoken but he lets his dishes do the talking.

During his time in the competition, Pete has stepped up his game time and time again, developing his love for fine-dining and strikingly plated dishes. Expanding his language and flexing his creative muscles, Pete’s often deceptively simple ingredient list results in the most spectacular culinary art form.

The first contestant to make it into the final three, Pete continues to show the judges his skills at bringing out the best in all sorts of ingredients, and his mind-blowing creativity when it comes to showcasing those ingredients.

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Memorable dishes:Cucumber dumplings

Bacon and egg ice cream with bacon crumb and potato chips 

Celeriac croissant

Justin Narayan

Timing is everything in the MasterChef kitchen, and no one is proof of that quite like Justin. Halfway through the competition, Justin ramped things up and started to showcase the skills he had been learning.

Finding his groove, Justin’s dishes became standouts in the competition, with the judges blown away by his ability to serve up a dish worthy of three Michelin stars one day, and a refined chocolate and potato chip feast the next.

Justin’s new stride saw him as the first contestant to coast into the top 10, and now he’s closer than ever to the top spot, standing alongside his best mate Pete to make it even sweeter.

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Memorable dishes:

Indian Chicken Tacos

Poached lobster with tarragon

Coke and potato chips

Catch the MasterChef Australia 2021 finale across two huge nights 7.30 on Monday and Tuesday on 10 and 10 play on demand.