MasterChef Australia 2021: Eliminated Contestants Compete For Two Chances To Return To The Competition

Not one but two of the previously eliminated contestants will get the chance to return to the competition.

Wiping their brows with relief, eliminated contestants return to the kitchen for a week of second chances. But only two of them can win back their spots in the competition. 

It's been a few weeks since we've seen some of these amateur chefs, so here's the low-down on who’ll be returning and fighting for one of those two highly coveted spots.

Trent Vu

Choo Choo y’all, the hot mess express is back. After depleting the MasterChef pantry of all its lemon myrtle stores, Trent was the first contestant to farewell the kitchen. Though he left early, he definitely made a big impression and was one of the first to succumb to the curse of tempered chocolate.

Memorable dish: Coral Reef

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YoYo Yang

This year’s youngest contestant, YoYo fell victim to the dastardly challenge set by none other than domestic goddess Nigella Lawson. Attempting to recreate one of Nigella’s desserts from just a description, YoYo struggled to get all the elements together, sadly ending her time in the kitchen all too early.

Memorable dish: Kung Pao chicken

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Katrina Dunnett

Growing up on a berry farm, Katrina was always surrounded by and knew the importance of fresh produce. Though a bread and pasta challenge ended her time in the MasterChef kitchen, Katrina still had her sights set on working within the food education sector.

Memorable dish: Whole snapper, nasi tuning, karedok salad and sambal matah

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Minoli De Silva

A strong contender, Minoli’s surprise elimination came after she said she tried to cook a dish that didn’t feel authentic to her own style of cooking. With a passion for Sri Lankan flavours and modern Australian cuisine, Minoli will hope to remind the judges of the skills she has when it comes to plating up dishes that reflect her as a cook.

Memorable dish: Dinner at Amma’s

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Maja Veit

With a passion for experimenting with native ingredients, Maja's time in the MasterChef kitchen reinvigorated her love for cooking. But unfortunately, the curse of tempered chocolate struck again when she faced a tough pressure test that saw contestants attempt to recreate one of Jock's signature tarts.

Memorable dish: Bavarian log cabin in the woods

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Wynona Davies

Throughout the competition, Wynona was the perfect embodiment of the phrase 'cool as a cucumber', so it's somewhat ironic that the phrase was also what ended her time in the MasterChef kitchen. Having scored one of the three Immunity Pins of the season, Wynona will no doubt be showcasing her skills once again in the hopes of impressing the judges and re-entering the competition.

Memorable dish: Pistachio ice cream with cherry granita and saltbush tuile

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Therese Lum

Perhaps the most intense pressure test of the season (or ever), dessert queen Therese had a nightmare day in the kitchen which saw her eliminated while still wearing the last remaining Immunity Pin of the season. With a second chance, could she go all the way to winning the MasterChef throne?

Memorable dish: Through the mist

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Conor Curran

Fan-fave Conor sashayed into the kitchen and the nation's hearts with his takes on classic Greek recipes and the biggest smile on his dial. Though his heartbreaking elimination felt like it came all too soon, the benches will be alive again with his brand of sass and magic.

Memorable dish: Black olive ice cream with cucumber granita

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Jess Hodge

The infamous MasterChef relay claimed another victim when Jess' team struggled to feature the key ingredient. Prior to this, the landscape architect used her time in the competition to showcase her love and deep knowledge of native ingredients and flavours.

Memorable dish: Beetroot cured kingfish, wattleseed lamb backstrap, saltbush dumplings, mushrooms, warrigal greens, miso

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Eric Mao

When Eric cooked to his strengths and featured the regional Chinese cuisine he's so passionate about, he blew the judges away. But, after a world-first blindfolded taste test, Eric struggled to get through the Pressure Test. With a second chance to win back his apron, who knows what genius he will serve up.

Memorable dish: Strange flavour chicken

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Tom Levick

The most recent eliminated contestant, Tom barely had time to walk out of the kitchen before he was turned around and sent back in for a second shot. Affectionately nicknamed Robo-Tom, you know something great is hitting the plate when the dessert-loving chef goes into his hyper-focused state.

Memorable dish: Carrot side up

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Find out which two contestants will win their aprons back as a week of second chances kicks off on Monday.

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