Maja Viet Wins The Final Second Chance Apron And Her Place Back In The MasterChef Kitchen

After a week of second chances, another contestant is welcomed back into the MasterChef kitchen.

After winning the top four dishes on Wednesday, Maja, Tom, Eric and Wynona each were one step closer to winning the final spot back in the competition.

In a marathon challenge, the four contestants were tasked with cooking a three-course menu. With two and a half hours to cook up the three courses, contestants would have five minutes to plate up each dish.

But there was a catch: after each course, one person would be eliminated.

Since leaving the competition, Maja had been doing work experience in a few restaurants back in Perth. That precious experience seemed to pay off big time, with the judges even noticing the way she has been working in the kitchen this week has been totally different.

For her entree, Maja served up pan-seared scallops with pickles and pea puree which immediately impressed the judges. Next up, for her main, Maja plated snapper with parsnip puree, crispy pigface and sea parsley -- highlighting her growing appreciation for native ingredients and their many uses.

Finally, for dessert, Maja created her own spin on the classic Splice ice cream by making a Geraldton Wax granita paired with a vanilla ice cream.

Despite a few hiccups early on, Maja and Wynona make it to the final round where Maja's spin on the Aussie classic combined nostalgia with a modern inventiveness that blew the judges away.

"I don't even know what to say," a stunned Maja said after receiving her apron.

"Not in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have a chance at coming back into MasterChef. I can't tell you how much this means," she added.

Maja joins Minoli as the two contestants who have won their spots back in the competition, but the celebrations may be over quickly as this week no one is immune from the all-in elimination on Sunday.

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