Literally Everyone Was Having A Meltdown During That Hectic MasterChef Elimination

AKA just a bunch of tweets screaming “PLAY THE PIN!!!”

It was a pressure test for the ages as Dan, Therese, Brent and Justin were tasked with taking on not one but THREE of Kirsten Tibballs’ recipes.

As it’s Masters Week, Kirsten also showed some of the techniques and chocolate work she expected the contestants to nail throughout the cook including tempering four chocolates at once, piping an ornate ruby chocolate tube, and… chocolate screen printing.

While there were a few moments where the contestants stumbled, each of them managed to overcome their struggles and pushed through. And then it came time to temper all that chocolate.

Therese’s chocolate began to set inside the piping bags, Brent was talking about precision, Justin was doing a great impression of Jackson Pollock.

And then Dan literally dropped the ball. Or… the lollipop.

While Dan was figuring out ways to save his lollipops, things continued to go downhill for Therese. Meanwhile, the entire country was chanting the same three words: PLAY. THE. PIN.

With just seconds remaining, Therese watched as her last chance to use the immunity pin slipped away. The screaming at the TV, however, did not stop.

And just like that, Therese was sent home with an immunity pin still on her apron.

What a challenge.

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