Julie Goodwin Wins Her First Ever Immunity Pin And The Last Of The Season

With a genius strategy and her famous handling of flavours, Julie Goodwin won her very first Immunity Pin.

This week, the top 10 cooks were given an opportunity to compete for Immunity from Sunday night’s challenge, with four chefs who served up the best dishes of the day competing for the last Immunity Pin of the season in Thursday's Time Auction.

A favourite challenge, each chef would ‘bid’ time on ingredients, meaning that the more desirable ingredients would leave them with less time to prepare their dishes.

This was one of the most important challenges for Julie who won Season 1, before Immunity Pins were even introduced to the competition. Immunity Pins were first handed out in Season 2, so Julie never had the opportunity to win a pin — despite winning immunity in challenges — and she was more determined than ever to get her hands on one.

Standing alongside Billie, Mindy and Daniel, Julie didn't just go into the auction with determination, but she was also armed with strategy, and attempted to bid up her competitors, chipping away at their cook times, while also keeping her own options open regardless of what pantry items she got her hands on.

Ending up with lamb, alliums and vinegar, Julie plated up a Middle Eastern-inspired lamb with nightshades that imbued lamb fat into an eggplant puree, topped with perfectly cooked lamb and brought together with smoked tomatoes and pickled chilli and capsicum.

Julie told Jock and Andy that she couldn’t even explain how much it would mean to finally get her hands on an Immunity Pin. “It would just feel like validation,” she added.

Both Jock and Andy agreed that the dish was exceptional in terms of execution and flavour, raving about not only Julie’s final dish but also how smart she was in her approach to the challenge.

“Getting this feedback, it takes my breath away. It makes me think I may be in with a chance for the pin,” Julie said. And she wasn’t just in with a chance. Though it was a close decision between Julie and Billie, ultimately the judges awarded the pin to Julie for her “ingenious” dish.

“I did not expect this, I didn’t expect it at any stage this week so I am over the moon,” Julie told the judges after her massive win.

“I am so happy… I am buzzing, I’m buzzing from my head to my toes. What a day!”

While Daniel, Mindy and Billie are all safe from Sunday’s elimination, Julie now also holds the most powerful ‘get out of jail free’ pin in the competition.

And as we inch closer and closer to the final weeks of the season, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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