Judges' Favourite Recipes From Queensland Week

Check out which delicious dishes wowed our judges during Queensland Week!

Simon's Blue Swimmer Crab Salad, Oyster Mayonnaise and Candied Peanuts

"That’s really damn good and beautifully cooked.” – Gary

"It’s unlike any of the dishes we have had before, it’s exciting.” – Matt.

MasterChef Judges Favourite

 Blue Team's Korean Fried Chicken

"That is delicious, sticky, messy, the chicken is beautifully cooked." – Matt

"You know its bad for you but you cant stop.” – Gary

MasterChef Judges Favourite

Anushka's Chicken and Prawn Siu Mai with Ginger Broth

"I’m very pleased. Subtle, plenty of flavour and very tasty.” – Gary

"You brought us the proper Queensland dumpling.” – Matt

MasterChef Judges Favourite

Blue Team's Charred Prawns with Garlic Turmeric Butter

"Those prawns are great!” – Gary

"A posh BBQ I would say.” – George.

MasterChef Judges Favourite

Nicole's Steamed Miso Snapper, Miso Poached Bugs, Popcorn Shrimp, King Fish Sashimi, Oysters and Pan Seared Scallops

"It's one of those great dishes where you have one piece then you go back for another, you continue this merry-go-round on the plate.” - Matt

"That’s a fabulous plate of food." - Gary

MasterChef Judges Favourite

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