Judges' Favourite Recipes From Legends Week

WARNING: These legendary dishes will seriously stuff you with food envy!

Steph's Roasted Bone Marrow with Pine Nut Pudding

"I thought it was the best use of the marrow bones, fabulous... How I love roasted marrow bone, that is sensational, there was certainly a lot of complexity going on there... If you see that on one of my menus’ I promise you I’ll give you a credit” – Rick

"It’s delicious, and the creaminess of that pine nut pudding - that really is totally delicious” – Matt 

Mystery Box Challenge Steph MasterChef 2019

Larissa's Chargrilled Cuttlefish with Garlic Bone Murrow Puree and Tomato Sugo

"It’s very nicely cooked... I’m thinking she’s got the caramelisation there, it’s that lovely surfaced taste” – Rick

"Well done Larissa, you always like to go that sweet side, but you can cook savoury too and you cook it bloody well because that is rock and roll, there is nothing to fault on there, that is yum” – George

"I think what I’m enjoying the most is the cuttlefish, even though most of those other big flavours are there it’s so beautifully cooked that it’s really the last thing left in your mouth” – Gary 

Mystery Box Challenge Larissa MasterChef 2019

Sandeep's Basil Lachha Partha with Tomato Curry

"Exquisite. Wonderful!” – Rick

"That is crunchy, that is damn good. You know what’s lovely about the Lachha, you get the lovely swirl of layers of pastry, so quick, so simple, but you just get brilliant results. Its flaky, it’s delicious, you’ve used pepper really well just to give you that bite as well as that hint of chilli on the top, it’s very complex” – Gary

"It’s so delicious, no bone marrow there, no cuttlefish, it’s just you put so much thought into two things: bread and sauce. That’s fabulous” - George

"That is proper flavour there. Best dish I’ve eaten this evening, well done” – Matt

Mystery Box Challenge Sandeep MasterChef 2019

Tati's Whole Barramundi with Potato Curry

"Look at that, that is spot on! Beautiful” – Gary

"It’s perfectly cooked...the sauce is like a hymn and praise of coconut. The mixture of fish and that curry with coconut it’s just a lovely combination. The fish is cooked perfectly, and the sauce is fabulous. The potatoes have taken up the flavour very nicely, I mean, that’s the sort of dish everyone would love” - Rick

"I think this is the dish you’ve been waiting to cook; totally delicious, the fish is perfectly cooked and that curry sauce just sings” - Matt

"Tati this is one of the best dishes you’ve cooked so far” - George

Invention Test Tati MasterChef 2019

Abbey's John Dory with Caponata and Dutch Cream Mash

"I love that Abbey! There are things that make me happy and that dish makes me happy; it is texturally delicious, I love that mashed potato and calling it mash is almost like an insult because it’s very soft, it’s very buttery, it’s perfectly seasoned and then you put that lovely caramelised fish on top and that beautiful caponata. You want to go back for another spoonful” – Gary

Invention Test Abbey MasterChef 2019

Tati's Vietnamese Pancake with Grilled Chicken and Fish Sauce Dressing

"Haven’t you entered the competition like oh my gosh. That there is just delicious.” – George

"Tati can you go make another three of these because that’s brilliant, I love it. The Vietnamese pancake is something a little different and it really is more like a taco. It’s delicious! The dipping sauce is full of bite, plenty of chilli in there and well-balanced. I love the chicken, I could eat a few of those” – Gary

"I wouldn’t change a thin. Its crispy, all the vegetables still got nice texture to them and the chicken is sensational, that dressing just loops it all together. Absolutely delicious you should be really proud” – Matt Sinclair

Mystery Box Challenge Tati MasterChef 2019

Yellow Team's Charred Corn with Chipotle Mayo

"It looks amazing, don’t you just admire simplicity like how long does it take to char corn, those are the kind of dishes you want to have... Delicious. I would have been very happy if I was served that in Mexico on the street it’s so good... Does it not prove that you don’t need to be super clever in what you make but you need to be super clever in how you prepare it and how you plan” – Yotam

"I love this smokiness of the mayo, it goes so well with the char on the corn and everything else just accentuates its sweetness and its juiciness” – Matt

Team Challenge Yellow Charred Corn MasterChef 2019

Tati's Smoked Trout and Prawn Laksa

"That is delicious. Laksa is all about the sauce and I was worried she wouldn’t be able to balance that beautifully. We knew the pace was good but was she going to cook it out enough and would she balance it at the end with the lime and fish sauce. That is just spot on.” – Gary

"I just love the noodles, like making her own noodles from scratch, that’s what MasterChef is all about, that’s what we really pride ourselves on you know its MasterChef not master packet you know she made the noodles from scratch and I love that” – George

"And she also used the brief really well, she took those tomatoes, she took the trout and you can really taste everything and it works perfectly together. It’s a tummy hug” – Yotam

Tati MasterChef 2019

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