Judges' Favourite Recipes From Week 2

Week 2 was filled with delicious chicken dishes and top quality produce that left our mouths watering

Abby’s Spatchcock with Brussel Sprouts and Jus 

"That is what chicken dinner dreams are made of. That is so jam packed full of flavour, it’s a real pleasure to taste it, it really is. Well done I love it." - Gary

"So much texture and there’s so many different flavours competing. The freshness of the Brussel sprouts leaves, that cooked down Brussel sprouts, the richness of the gravy, well done Abby." - Matt

Tessa’s Black Garlic and Butter Marron with Marron Bisque 

"If you were in a top restaurant, you would be chafting at that and we couldn’t have cooked that any better... We don’t have favourite contestants, but we have favourite dishes and that is my new favourite dish." - Gary

"You’ve done that beautifully." - Matt

Kyle’s Roasted Tomatoes with Eggplant Tahini Puree and Black Tahini Crisp

"This dish which heroes the tomato has this big plump bursting explosion of sweetness and salt, its fantastic. I love the black sesame paste underneath that, the garlic butter works so well because it gives you some savoury. Totally delicious, totally surprising, totally beautiful... Absolutely the dish of the day." - Matt

"It’s something I’ve never tasted before in terms of the combination and I’m thrilled." - George

"We were looking forward to that one and it delivered." - Gary

Tessa’s Hot and Spicy Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce 

"Heaven. It’s a great dish and will be hard to beat!" - Matt

"Do we need words, do we need to say something? Delicious. Crispy, crunchy, creamy, spicy. That is just magic. Magic!" - George

"Chicken is incredibly crispy, amazing. The crumb on it is beautiful. This dipping sauce you expect to be a little bit too rich but it’s actually really cooling and refreshing, very clever." - Poh

"That is going to be so hard to beat so you’re in the top seat at the moment." - Gary

Derek’s Korean Fried Chicken Wings 

"My day is just getting better and better... Super crunch, like unbelievable. Love that Korean spicy sauce." - Gary

"Get me a couch get me my Ugg boots and just give me bowls of chicken. I’m happy... Life’s good, wow that was delicious!" - George

"That’s amazing crunch, that’s like jaw breaking crunch in a good way. That crumb was impeccable, like you could have put any amount of sauce over that and it would stay crunchy. Amazing." - Poh

"Your crumb has stayed so crunchy it’s amazing. In terms of Korean fried chicken, this is up there as one of the 3 best I’ve ever had." - Matt

Tessa’s Pork Belly in a Garden of Orange 

"That is spot on, I love every little element even the carrot, they’re just lovely and soft." - Gary

"Familiar but balanced and delicious. That sauce is just rock and roll." - George

"Spectacular, everything is cooked bang on point and there are a lot of elements. If this is a contestant this early in the competition, we may need to change the rules." - Matt

Red Team's Roasted Lamb Shoulder 

"And the light juices from the pan is delicious." - George

"I reckon for me the lamb is even more enjoyable than the other dishes, that lamb is delicious, the flavour of pomegranate, the sourness of sumac is brilliant, the freshness of the herbs they used. I mean ghee that is delicious. To have those 3 meat dishes all have totally different flavours, they’re all on your plate and they’re all doing something different which is fantastic." - Matt

Red Team's Roasted Honey Baby Carrots

"Look at these, we’re talking about roasty and yummy, look at those carrots." - Gary

"It’s a lovely caramelised honey sweetness. There’s lots of flavour... Very lovely combination." - George

"Wonderful contrast of the crispy chick peas that break apart with the softness of the carrots which is perfectly good. I love the sweetness of the honey with the two it’s really good." -Matt

Anushka's Honey Walnut Cake with Bitter Chocolate Sauce

“It’s delicious. You know it’s so familiar in so many ways and it’s retro but it’s so yum. You’ve just done a really beautiful job… ” – George

“It’s a very, very good dish and you are obviously a very, very, very, very good baker.” – Gary

Simon's Miso Pork Ribs

“The char you’ve got on the outside is fantastic, they’re not too sweet which is often the danger with ribs, the freshness of the cucumber and apple salad is wonderful. Basically – great dish!” – Matt

“They are ripping!” – George

Christina's Earl Grey Panna Cotta with Chocolate Sponge and Chocolate Soil

“I love it. Chocolate all over the place, sponge super light and airy, panna cotta’s got some wobble but still got some structure and nice flavour of earl grey there.” – Matt

Walleed's Okra and Beef Mince Stew (Bamia)

“What he’s managed to pull off, it’s totally delicious.” - Matt

“It’s delicious and comfortable and it should remind everybody going ‘ooh I don’t think I like okra’ to maybe have a go at this recipe because it reminds you that it’s a delicious vegetable.” – Gary

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