Judges' Favourite Recipes From Week 9

From fish cooked to perfection, to mouthwatering vegetarian dishes; the contestants have served up some of the best dishes of the competition for the judges to taste during Best of the Best Week!

Nicole's Confit Salmon with Tomato Broth & Crispy Noodles

"That actually makes me quite weak at the knees. I mean, confit salmon isn’t the easiest thing to do and that confit is cooked to perfection." - George

"There’s something warming and nutritious and lovely about it; you get those warm flavours of tomatoes, a little bit of acidity and then you get the salmon. It's just very good cooking." - Gary

Simon's Roasted Cauliflower with Black Garlic Toum & Sherry Caramel

"It’s a really clever combination, if this is the sort of food you’re going to serve at your vegan smokehouse, we’re all there." - Matt

"Simon, you’ve told the whole of Australia that cauliflower is just as good as lamb chops. That is smashing, I’m not faulting any of it, I love it." - George

Tessa's Lemongrass Smoked Trout with Sweet and Sour Broth

"I love how perfectly you’ve cooked that fish! Lemongrass is a difficult ingredient to play with because of the muddiness and I think picking trout was very clever. It’s a special dish." - George

"I think that’s freaking genius and the smoke as well, it just amplifies that, it’s really good!" - Matt

"Ditto, that’s all I’m going to say, ditto. Bloody good job Tessa, well done." - Gary

Tessa's Moreton Bay Bug and Yabby with Caviar Beurre Blanc

"That is utterly delicious. It is sophisticated, top line, best restaurant beautiful, it's classic and amazing, I love it! – Gary

"I think this dish could sit in one of those great modern French restaurants in London. Its got elegance, its got sophistication, that sauce is like next level deliciousness. You’ve cooked some good food, but you haven't cooked anything as pretty, or as delicious as this dish." - Matt

Phil Wood's Roast Rib of Beef with Crab & Onion Curry

"That sauce is very aromatic, very clean, very smooth, very sophisticated - I like that. Perfectly cooked beef and then lots of things that you just keep finding. Whether they’re crispy shallots whether they’re a sweet and sour onion or little pieces of crab. That is drop dead gorgeous I love it!" - Gary

"That yellow, almost Thai flavoured sauce is just heavenly and then you get a little nugget of crab occasionally" - Matt

"Take me now, put me into my bed and tuck me away, because I'm going to have sweet dreams. It's just delicious cooking." - George

Green Team's Goat's Cheese Tart with Rocket Salad and Vinaigrette

"How great is the crust on the top! Obviously they’ve used cheese in the pastry which really accentuates the flavour. It’s a really good dish!" - Matt

"How good is that! How good is quiche when it's this good. I think it’s the onions, the cheese, the acidity, the beautiful oiliness of the hazelnut oil that they’ve used and the rocket - it’s there to give a bit of pepperiness. Its yum!" - George

Tati's No Waste Gado Gado

"That’s how we should use our leftovers because they bring it back to life and its beautiful" - Gary

"I love it, I enjoyed it so much, its very very good" - Massimo Bottura