Judges Favourite Recipes From Week 10

The judges raised the bar this week with challenges that served up out-of-the-box dishes and provoked the contestants to unleash a creative flare.

Simon’s Poached Crab with Peanut Cream and Pickled Longan

"That is such a sweet, delicious and soft crab. You would think the idea of putting a satay or a peanut sauce would be ridiculous with it, but because you made a cream and the peanuts, you get the idea of satay and you get pure crab.” - Gary

"Great texture and you have the right ratios. Every spoon you have there’s enough crab to carry everything else, it never gets too sweet and it never gets too fruity.” – Matt

Derrek’s Lamb with Leek & Parsnip Puree and Brussels Sprouts

"That has the dreamy flavours of a roast lamb, in the most beautiful way. The best thing about it is the fact that technically, every single thing on the plate is knockout.” - Gary

"I’m getting a shiver… that is rock and roll food! That is such a great example of how you can take simple ingredients and elevate them into top restaurant quality, that’s absolutely delicious!” - Matt

Christina’s Pork Larb

"I love the use of herbs because that’s what its all about, the aromatics, which are just delicious and also that dressing has a smashing kick to it.” – Gary

"This is a great dish, great idea, my mouth is singing and that’s what I wanted.” – Matt

Kirsten’s Apple Pie

"There’s a resilience in the custard, a great sour hit in the caramel and that topping is delicious! It may not look like Kirsten's but ghee, it tastes like it. It’s a real pleasure to eat” – Matt

"The flavour of that is brilliant and the combination of the textures when you have them together in your mouth is absolutely divine.” – Kirsten

Larissa’s Yakitori Style Chicken with Bonito Mayonnaise and Furikake Seasoning

"That is a knockout dish. That chicken is beautiful and it's a play between that pillowy, mayonnaise sauce and that brown sauce, I love it!” – Gary

"That combination goes so well with that chicken which is absolutely, perfectly cooked and the burning of the skin actually helps in bringing some bitterness because you have a really sweet sauce. This is another step up in savoury and I love it.” – Matt

Adam De Silva’s Corn Risotto with Corn Custard

"It has me flashing back to being 19 years old at university with just a packet of cornflakes in the cupboard trying to make dinner. This dish has got good corn flavour, a nice amount of salt, nice amount of sugar, great crunch and I love the curry leaves; but this has gone past unusual into the weird territory.” – Matt

Purple Team’s Mushrooms on Toast

"It’s pretty and really pops off the plate. You can feel the crunch before it even gets close to your mouth so I think they’ve done a good job. The mushroom puree is absolutely delicious and I love the pickled mushrooms.” - Gary

Yellow Team’s Celebration of Zucchini

"Those purees are wow. You always think zucchini is going to be a bit meh, but they’ve brought out those different flavour complexities. Great texture, stuffed zucchini is delicious, that little fondant of zucchini as well, it’s really clever.” – Matt

"I’m pretty damn impressed, there’s not much I can be negative about. Every mouthful is something different.” – Gary

Simon’s Carrots and Lamb

"Look at the colour on that, it is absolutely incredible. It fills my heart with joy because what he's done, is he's taken two ingredients and absolutely championed them. The carrots are the tastiest part by far." - Gary