Judges Favourite Recipes From WA Week

MasterChef traveled to Western Australia where the contestants used local produce to create some top quality dishes.

Anushka’s Steamed Barramundi with Butter Poached Potatoes and Butter & Mandarin Sauce

Are you not bloody excited about this dish? That’s the way it makes us feel. The softness of that potato is really comforting and the fish is cooked perfectly. It’s a ripping dish Anushka, you should be very proud” – George

You’ve thought about how the mandarin is going to play into the butter and the potatoes and the fish and the crispy skin which is really good. It’s a very well balanced dish. Its really lovely” – Gary

As a complete plate of food I love it, it’s just delicious. It looks like an Anushka 3.0 dish” – Matt

Tessa’s Lamb and Scallops with Laksa

Yuuum, Yum! The brief was surf and turf 2.0 and I think this is surf and turf 10.0. Its freaking delicious, this is a mark of the year type of dish, its up there” – George

You know what is more surprising and delightful than yum? Its the creativity, it is unexpected that you have this little tumble of crisp gremolata with curry leaf in it. It's a random idea but absolutely brilliant over the top of the seared scallops and that beautiful sauce. It’s surf and turf I’ve never seen before and I’m very happy with it” – Gary

I love when you know you’re on a winner, and that’s how you presented the dish. I love the fact that the fish sauce works so brilliantly with both the scallops and the lamb. It's such an odd combination of flavours that works so perfectly. Wow, the way to start a week in the west is with dishes like that. It should sit in the first 3 pages of your cookbook because it’s beautiful.” – Matt

Nicole’s Beetroot Salad

You know what, the hero ingredient beetroot is fantastic! Barbecued, good sweetness in that beetroot and just smart flavours. Goats’ cheese and beetroot really go together.” – George

I like the idea of using sandalwood nuts, its much more exciting than a hazelnut or a walnut as we would probably all usually use. So, its certainly a dish everyone will smile about.” – Matt

Christina’s Duck with Pumpkin and Cauliflower Puree

I think it’s really tasty and she’s done a really good job. Visually it looks fantastic, but I think they’re really lovely soft subtle flavours, I like it. Delish dish” – Gary

This is a dish that makes you happy. Because that cauliflower puree is so creamy, you lose some of the cauliflower flavours, so it doesn’t interfere too much with the dish. It becomes a creamy element that balances against the dark and the grey in that delicious pumpkin” – Matt

Tessa’s Dark Chocolate Tart with Feijoa Sorbet and Fresh Feijoa

Its delicious, you really pushed it and I love it because its light but its rich. That is an incredible dessert, really good cooking Tessa.” – George

Everything is so light in that tart and the other thing is your sorbet. It is super fragrant, that fruitiness accentuates the fruitiness of the chocolate and Gary’s just put on 30kg which is fantastic” – Matt

That is just absolutely beautiful. The chocolate tart and that beautiful complex candy flavour of the feijoa is just an absolutely brilliant combination” – Gary

Nicole’s Spangled Emperor with Braised Leek, Puree and Lemon Butter Sauce

I can eat well cooked leeks and fish all day, its just such a lovely combination and that is perfectly cooked leeks and fish so I’m very happy.” – Gary

It puts a massive smile on your face, its beautiful food” – George

Just 1 word: delicious. That sauce is so aggressively sour and it makes the garlic taste so toasty and sweet. It’s a really delicious plate of food” – Matt

Yellow Team’s Forest Floor

That looks fantastic” – Matt

I like it, there’s a nice tartness from the raspberry sorbet and its not overly sweet. Going through the bottom there’s lots of different textures from the nuts” – Dan

Lots of crispy, lots of crunchy, its absolutely the first dish we’ve seen tonight that really captures the forest” - Matt

I love that you’re searching through and discovering new stuff, a bit like you're walking through the forest and discovering different textures on the ground with your feet. You get that in this dish and that’s wonderful” - George

Quail, Scallops, Shiitake, Cauliflower, Avruga

I think the stand out elements is just how he cooked the proteins on the plate. The quail and the scallops are just beautifully cooked and beautifully caramelised and it sets the dish up nicely” – Gary

The scallops have been done very well the quail as well is still pink. The key elements are there" – Santiago Fernandez

The puree and the sauce is delicious” – Matt