‘I Don’t Regret The Dish’: Wynona Davies Eliminated From The MasterChef Kitchen

During MasterChef Week’s elimination challenge, Wynona learnt the hard way that hitting the brief is a crucial part of surviving the MasterChef kitchen.

The task was to create a dish inspired by one of these classic food sayings; “Cool As A Cucumber”, “The Proof Is In The Pudding” or “Bring Home The Bacon”.

“If I had of done ‘The Proof Is In The Pudding’, I know I would have done a sticky date with an ice cream and a sauce,” Wynona told 10 play.

“But I remember thinking I don’t want to do the same thing again, I don’t want to do another dessert. I want to show them I can do more than that.”

Opting to challenge herself, Wynona chose “Cool As A Cucumber” and decided to make a Confit Salmon with Ginger Broth, Noodles and Pickled Cucumbers.

“My headspace wasn’t great that day. I knew I didn’t have a clear idea and what I was going to do was a little bit risky,” Wynona said. “I felt confident with it, up until the boys came over and said, ‘I think you’re in the danger zone’. That’s when I freaked out.”

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Jock and Andy suggested that pickled cucumbers wouldn’t be enough to keep her safe, so she, “put the cucumber granita on and it was kind of an afterthought”.

Despite being eliminated, Wynona is really proud of what she created and doesn’t regret what was plated up.

“I put up a dish that I generally love eating so I guess it didn’t fit the brief which was the point of the day, but I don’t regret the dish because I know it was yummy and I’m glad I went out on a dish that still tasted okay.”

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During her time in the kitchen, Wynona has learnt a lot from the judges, gaining a newfound confidence in the kitchen.

“It was really surreal, I always felt like it wasn’t ever going to be good enough for their standards but then when you started hearing feedback that they enjoyed your food, it gave so much confidence just knowing that they had actually liked what you’d done,” she said.

The dish which she is most proud of creating is her Pistachio Ice Cream with Cherry Granita and Saltbush Tuile which earnt her an Immunity Pin.

“My favourite memory was probably getting the immunity pin, I think I just surprised myself,” Wynona said. “I never even dreamed of getting a pin, it wasn’t even something that entered my mind and when it happened, I was like, are they joking? That was probably the most memorable ‘wow, this is actually happening’ moment.’”

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Before embarking on her cooking journey, Wynona had done marketing and PR for five years, along with a small grazing board business.

“I actually applied two years ago, and I almost made it in. That’s what made me really determined to get better and try again. Then, somehow, I got chosen for this season and I guess I’ve just always loved food and known that’s what I wanted as a career. I realised that it was time to give it a go. I was like I have to at least try this.”

Now she plans on pursuing her food dream and growing her small business, while expanding on her current knowledge and skills.

“I’d love to continue growing the grazing boards and my blog, I’d love to eventually turn it into a book. But I also know I need more experience in a kitchen, just to get new, fresh ideas and become a better cook.”

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