'I Can't Even Breathe': Minoli De Silva Wins Back Her Apron And Her Place In The MasterChef Kitchen

In second-chance week, the first contestant has won back their spot in the competition.

Having served up the top four dishes on Monday night, Minoli, Eric, Conor and Katrina faced a pressure test that would see one of them win their apron back, and a spot on the gantry with the rest of the contestants.

Minoli smashed her way through her very first pressure test, recreating the ridiculously delicate Chocolate Oasis. Vue de monde's Anthony Hart brought in the technical spectacle, tasking the returning cooks to recreate the dish in just two hours and 15 minutes.

Minoli De Silva masterchef australia returns apron
Thrilled (and maybe a little shocked) at her win, Minoli is back in the competition.

Made up of chocolate cream, mandarin jam and salted cinnamon caramel, the dish also featured a favourite element this season -- thin shards of perfectly tempered chocolate.

Throughout the last few weeks, several contestants have stumbled when it came to nailing the technique. Essentially, tempering is the process in which chocolate is heated and cooled to certain temperatures to stabilise the cocoa butter in it, resulting in a smooth, glossy finish.

The chocolate sets quickly and shouldn't melt on your fingers easily, making it perfect for more sculptural and intricate desserts. Chocolate that has not been tempered correctly can take hours to set, get stuck in moulds and can often have a streaky finish known as 'fat bloom'.

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While Kirsten favours a microwave method, Anthony had the contestants use a different method that used a cooled marble slate. Pouring a little over half of their melted chocolate onto the cool marble and moving it around using bench scrapers or palette knives.

Though he was the only contestant to successfully extract a perfectly tempered tart shell in a previous pressure test, Eric struggled with the method, having to re-temper his chocolate which put him behind the others.

Minoli, on the other hand, breezed through the challenge and hers was not only the dish that best resembled Anthony's, every element on the plate seemed to sing.

As the judges handed back her apron, a clearly thrilled Minoli reflected on having to plate up such an incredible dish.

"It was such a fun challenge, and I think I went into it being like, I'm just going to give it everything," she said, adding, "I can't even breathe".

With just one more apron remaining and ten contestants battling it out for their second chance, we can't wait to find out who'll be joining Minoli before the week ends!

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