‘I Bloody Belong’: Alvin Quah Brings Back His ‘Unbeatable’ Drunken Chicken In Tensest Elimination Yet

On Sunday night, during one of the toughest eliminations yet, Alvin knew he had to bring out the big guns.

With six chefs up for elimination, the judges revealed that they had brought back one of the hardest, classic challenges. Chefs were tasked with using one ingredient — chicken, snapper or pumpkin — across three rounds.

If their dish in round one was good enough to save them from elimination, they could escape to the gantry, but if they fell into round two they had to use whatever was left of that original ingredient.

Again, if their dish from round two was enough to save them they would be free from the final, and perhaps the most brutal round, again using whatever was left of that one ingredient.

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The challenge forced the cooks to either gamble and use a bulk of their ingredients early, hoping their dish would be in the top two and save them from future rounds, or strategically divide the ingredient so they wouldn’t run out before the final round.

For Alvin, two unfortunate rounds saw him standing in the third and final round alongside Tommy. Alvin had chosen chicken while Tommy had chosen snapper, but both fan favourites knew they had to bring their best or it would be them walking out of the kitchen that day.

Knowing exactly what needed to be done, Alvin decided to go back all the way to the dish that made him a household name from Season 2: Drunken Chicken.

During the cook, Alvin said that his original dish was so popular there were shortages of Shaoxing wine across the country and that even to this day people will recognise him as ‘Drunken Chicken’ rather than his name.

“I’m hoping Drunken Chicken 2.0 can keep me safe from this elimination,” he said, explaining that he planned to make a few tweaks to the original recipe he made all those years ago.

As the third and final round of the challenge ticked down, Alvin became overwhelmed with emotion, fighting back tears and thinking about the way that one dish had the power to change his life for the better.

“It’s been such a battle going through this competition wondering whether you belong and, every now and then, you create dishes like this and you think… I bloody belong.”

During the tasting, the judges couldn’t hold back their joy as they finally got their turn to taste Alvin’s iconic dish. Giggling with just how good the dish was, it was clear Alvin had gone above and beyond in the final round.

Jock wondered if the dish was the best Alvin had ever cooked in his life, adding that the “truly phenomenal” Drunken Chicken 2.0 was “unbeatable”, saving him from elimination.

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