Highlights of MasterChef 2015

Looking back at the most memorable moments of MasterChef 2015.

After a thrilling finale, we take a look back at the most memorable and talked about moments of MasterChef 2015:

1. When John led his team to almost certain disaster in the cooking relay challenge, Georgia did the near impossible and created a competitive dish in the last five minutes. She didn’t win the challenge, but she did win everyone’s admiration.

2. A collective “ahhhhhh” was heard throughout the nation when mentor Shannon poured hot sauce over the chocolate disc of his Warm Chocolate Orange Mousse and it melted into itself in glorious slow motion.

3. Speaking of “ahhhhhs”, the unfurling white chocolate petals of Darren Purchese’s Passion Flower was pure theatre.

4. Still on the sweet side, who could forget Reynold’s clever Forbidden Fruit? The judges were blown away.

5. With her recipe for Twice Cooked Orange Glazed Chicken with Chilli and Cucumber Salad, Chicken Skin Salt, Billie secured herself an immunity pin as well as the power apron.

6. One week later, Ashleigh’s Passionfruit Semi-freddo with Chocolate Mousse, Coconut Crumb and Ginger Tropical Fruit Syrup also won her immunity and even prompted George to lick his plate.

7. In the low-and-slow barbecue challenge, Jessica’s Hickory and Coffee Ribs were tender, juicy and falling off the bone. They led her team to victory.

8. Watching Marco Pierre White at work is always a pleasure, especially when he’s making the perfect Mac n Cheese.

9. When Sara turned a mystery box into Textures of Squid with Beetroot and Chilli, Gary declared she had nothing left to learn creatively from him.

10. Remember when Croquembouche was the most difficult dish in a MasterChef final? This year’s Heston-assisted grand finale was a fitting end to the season. All we can say now is bring on MasterChef 2016!