Hail to the Biscuit

Across the pond there’s a magical place where legends are made and the humble biccy is king: the International Biscuit Festival. Yes, seriously.

Crunchy, crumbly, creamy – whichever your preference, everyone loves a good biccy. MasterChef’s judges and self-proclaimed members of Australia’s ‘Biscuit Appreciation Society’ certainly do. But nowhere is that fervour greater felt than at the International Biscuit Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Founded in 2010 and now welcoming over 20,000 guests, the IBF is the world’s preeminent celebration of things you can dunk in tea. This four-day glorification of baked goods features numerous ways hardened fans can get involved, including a Pageant, Songwriting Competition and, of course, the hotly contested Bake-Off, considered by many to be the Festival’s ‘biscuit de résistance’...

Miss and Mr Biscuit PageantA competition to find the girl and boy with the most radiant inner biscuit, the pageant judges its entrants on ‘Biscuit Making Fashion, Poise, and a Biscuit-related Talent.’ The winners are appointed to be the Festival’s official representatives, tasked to spend the coming year cooking-up hype for all things biscuity.

Biscuit Songwriting CompIf you’re an amateur or semi-pro songwriter, lyrically inspired to compose a biscuit-related ditty and are happy to perform it live, the songwriting comp will be music to your ears. Submissions are accepted covering all genres but bear in mind that all songs must be ‘biscuit compatible.’

Biscuit Art Comp‘The best biscuits are a work of art. Now your work of art can be about a biscuit,’ says the International Biscuit Festival, calling for entrants to break the mould by expressing their biccy love creatively. Painters, sculptors, photographers – all are welcome, so long as their work keeps its eye on the biscuit.

Bake-OffArguably the highlight of the Festival, the Bake-Off sees people come from far and wide to try and prove they’re the best of the biscuit making best. With competition categories including sweet and savoury, it’s the Grand Prize that everyone wants, with the 2012 honour falling to Elizabeth Blanchard of Spartanburg, South Carolina for her Cajun Taters.

For the full lowdown on the International Biscuit Festival, its range of biscuit-related activities and more of this year’s winning recipes, visit the official website.