For Winter Comforts, Nothing Tops Roast Lamb For Comfort And Flavour

A Sunday roast is one of the best loved Australian traditions imported from Britain.

The oven warms the house while it cooks your dinner, it makes the air smell fantastic and usually produces enough food to last a few days on sandwiches and in salads. It also looks spectacular – a beautiful haunch of meat, to ensure an even cook to the bone and then given a final 15 minute blast in a very hot oven to get the skin bronze and crisp

Once it’s stuffed, fold the meat back into shape around the stuffing and lay it over the strips of string. Tie them together starting in the middle to secure the stuffing in place, season, sear in a hot pan and roast in the oven. Want to find more uses for your barbecue over winter? Why not put it to work roasting a leg of lamb outdoors.

Pulled lamb and warm lentil salad

There’s no denying lamb does some of its most impressive flavour work when slow cooked (this pulled lamb and warm lentil salad is a great example), but it’s also a meat that’s sympathetic to a tight schedule. Whip up a super-fast supper of lamb skewers with cherry tomatoes and haloumi. Or for a share plate, barbecue or grill a butterflied leg of lamb and while it’s resting assemble a salad of greens, sliced fresh veggies, nuts, seeds, and sprouts, then slice your lamb and combine. Try this inventive pumpkin and lamb dish to discover a whole new flavour profile to your lamb.

You can shave even more time off your weeknight prep by marinating lamb cutlets in buttermilk, garlic, rosemary and lemon zest and then freezing them in a single layer, ready to be thawed, grilled and served with salad.

Lamb shank ragu with pappardelle

Got a hot date? Nothing says romance to carnivores like a fancy cut of meat, so get set to impress by French trimming your own rack of cutlets or keep it simple with a classic ragu with pappardelle.