Cooking by numbers

Get mathem-eat-ical in the kitchen...

3.5 Minutes it takes to soft-boil an egg. 3 Michelin stars Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant has this year. 121,700 Tonnes of potatoes produced in Australia last year. 12 Hours it takes to defrost a turkey (per kg in a fridge).

244 Dollars that the average Aussie household spends on food and beverages per week (in 2010).

1.68 million People who work in the Australian food industry (15% of the country’s total employment). 3:1 Ratio of oil to vinegar in a basic vinaigrette. 250 Beers that former MasterChef contestant Chris Badenoch sells at his Josie Bones eaterie. 490 Calories in a Big Mac. 2012 Year that’s been dubbed ‘The Year of the Farmer’. 18 Minutes you roast a joint of beef in the oven for per 500g to make it medium rare (at 170 degrees celsius after 15 minutes at 250 degrees celsius first). 10 Percentage that Australia’s food exports increased last year. 3 Months that you can keep food stored in the freezer for.